The Big Takeover at The Fast Life

posted by Punk Porn Princess on October 12, 2011


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Saturday was Yom Kippur. I did fast. I do it every year; I just feel like I have to. It’s nice to spend a day thinking about things you’ve done wrong, and what you can do in the future to change your life and make it better. Whether you believe in God or not, it’s a nice spiritual thing to do.

However, around noon I got extremely hungry and found myself in my apartment thinking about what I would love to be eating instead of doing anything introspective or spiritual at all. So I decided to go out for a bit and take my mind off not eating. There was a Cypress Hill show hosted by Travis Barker at a  clothing store in downtown LA calledThe Fast Life, and that seemed like a really appropriate place to repent for my sins. Right? A Cypress Hill show was much like going to synagogue.

This show was in celebration of this collaboration between the clothing companiesFamous Stars and Straps and Rebel 8 . They teamed up to make some really awesome gangster-ish kinda clothing. Not sure why Cypress Hill was chosen to play at this celebration, but it made sense. They are also like, gangster-ish.

Unfortunately the show started at 1 pm, and was ridiculously punctual for a band known for their song “Hits From The Bong” … I got there at about 2pm and, missed the show entirely. There were still some people hanging around but I didn’t get to see the band. I don’t know if it was someone’s way of telling me that you’re not supposed to see bands that sing about smoking weed on the high holidays.

I brought my good friend Sparky to the show. Here we are – in front of some awesome piece of art Mike Giant drew on a blank wall with only magic marker the day of the show. He was still completing pieces of it when we arrived. It was pretty amazing! Check it out- all that shit- just a black magic marker. Dayummmmm.

And I also got to put on this cool hat.

I wanted to get a shirt but they were all too big on me.

It’s nice when a whole bunch of creative people collaborate and do something awesome.

I did keep the fast, and I starved myself until 8pm. I broke my fast on a French Dip sandwich – and no, it wasn’t kosher.

But hey, I did it, and that should count for something.


Joanna Angel

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