I went to the AMAs!!!

posted by Punk Porn Princess on November 21, 2011


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Well, I was randomly given a ticket to go to the American Music awards. Really random! The show was kind of cheesy. I’m not really sure what association gives out these awards or what they mean but, I saw a bunch of people perform who I would have never seen other wise. I can now cross “watching Justin Beiber play” off my list of things to do before I die.

I’m sure you can read about the highlights on numerous websites. I have developed a whole new hatred for Jennifer Lopez. She sucks. She is lame. She does have a nice butt, however it is not nice enough to cover up for all the other suck factors about her. She sang a terrible song on stage and then brought out a car (the same car from the awful car commercial she is in where she drives through the ghetto and waves to everyone) and like, kind of drove the car on the stage and danced on the car on the stage. It was really, really stupid.

I was excited to watch Katy Perry play because, well, I kind of love her – but she played a new song and it was incredibly boring. It was a love ballad of sorts, and she strummed a guitar while she sang it. On the plus side, the guitar was pink, and so was her hair…but unfortunately, her hair was in an incredibly ugly hair style, and the song was incredibly bad…so the pink is sort of canceled out. I hope Katy goes back to making dance hits. She is very good at that sort of thing!

My favorite acts (and honestly, the only ones I really liked) were Kelly Clarkson and LMFAO. Kelly Clarkson looked incredible – her ass looked ridiculously amazing in this red fishtail dress kinda thing, and her song was great. I think it was about the media attacking her and there were news-clippings on TV screens everywhere and a bunch of dudes dancing around her that looked like they were from Newsies with old school cameras and stuff. It was great. Go Kelly!!!

…And LMFAO was just hilarious and awesome. They were the last act in the show and they ended with pouring confetti all over the audience. They definitely breathed some life into the show and basically had a party on stage. I guess that is why they call them Party Rockers – or something?

All the famous people were really busy, and I wasn’t really able to snag a photo with anyone. I also didn’t want to be “that girl” … however, sitting quite close to me was the most important man in the world, and I was totally fine with being “that girl” around him. So here we are:  me – and “The Situation” from The Jersey Shore.

Oh yeah, and I have no proof of this at all, but when I was walking out Taylor Swift totally stopped her tracks and told me she liked my hair. It was in this Rockabilly ‘do. I swear. I am not making this up. I think this is a sure sign that she wants to make out with me – right? Wouldn’t we be so cute???

Here’s a bunch of blurry photos I took from the stage. I wasn’t really allowed to take photos so, sorry they kinda suck.

All in all, it was interesting. Music has gotten so tame, and so safe, and so…made for kids. I think I am too old for most of this shit. Top 40 music is just not made for people like me. So if you have a younger kid or something, maybe you should replay the AMA‘s and watch it with them, and you can gawk at how adorable Justin Beiber is, and um… dance on a car.


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