Tattooed Babysitters Club!

posted by Punk Porn Princess on July 30, 2014


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Sometimes being an adult film star is extra awesome, like when I get to pretend to be half my age and bringing those books I read as a young one to life, porno style. I present to you: Tattooed Babysitters Club! Starring myself, Tori Lux, Severin Graves, and Vera Drake!

Now that you’ve experienced the SFW-side of things: here’s some material for your spank bank!





I learned two things while shooting this movie – 1, there is more sex going on during babysitting jobs than people think, and 2, Seth Gamble may have a real fetish for babysitters, as he seems to have gotten with almost every childcare giver in BurningAngelville!

You can watch the NSFW sexy trailer and order the movie on DVD right here. Treat yo’self on this most wonderful HumpDay!


Joanna Angel

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