The Viper Room Last Night!

posted by Punk Porn Princess on October 2, 2015


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Hello and happy Friday, everybody! Last night I attended Feral Vinca’s Porn Star Pajama Party at the Viper Room in LA and performed live on stage with my band, Joanna Angel and the Gigolos – my very first time! Singing on stage is something I’ve always wanted to do – and now that I’ve popped my cherry, I want to do it again!

I know I wasn’t perfect, but I had a blast and it’s something I’d really love to get better at! And I also take back any mean comment about any band sucking on stage I ever made – because this is hard fucking work! A tip of my hat to you all.

Now for the photos, and a special thanks to Rick Garcia, @industrybyrick, for capturing some great moments! These might be some of the best photos ever –

20151002_1 20151002_2

I think Small Hands is so hot. Love this! Haha =)

20151002_3 20151002_4

I felt like a damn rock star. I hope I have this opportunity again in the future. So much fun!

One last thing before I wish you all a merry weekend – come watch my LIVE WEBCAM SHOW tonight at 7:30pm PST/10:30pm EST! As always, it’s free for members, and will be simulcast on STREAMATE for non-members, first 15 minutes free =)


See you later, and have an excellent weekend!

Joanna Angel

PS – IF you’re not currently a member, you can get a 50% off 1-month membership with code halfoffBA right now. Live webcam shows, over a thousand hardcore porn vids, and all that jazz!!

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Throwback Thursday – Band Sluts!

posted by Punk Porn Princess on May 7, 2015


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Remember that time my movie BAND SLUTS won Best Comedy at AVN 2014? That was pretty sweet. And I know you love watching my movies for the plot.. but did you know you can watch Band Sluts in its entirety without all those vaginas and dicks getting in your way?

Treat yo’self.

Happy Throwback Thursday! You can find all sorts of fun videos on our youtube page here:

Joanna Angel


PS – Just in case you can’t get enough of Gimme Some Pants, the original song by my band Joanna Angel and the Gigolos, you can download it here in the BurningAngel online store.

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TBT – Band Sluts!

posted by Punk Porn Princess on February 27, 2014


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It’s Throwback Thursday! Remember that time Tommy Pistol and I were in a hilariously tragic hipster band?


We never did make it to “Coachello,” but my movie Band Sluts DID win Best Comedy at AVN this year!

That awesome song you hear in the trailer? That’s my band Joanna Angel and the Gigolos’ song Gimme Some Pants, which should have won best song at AVN, just saying! 😉 You can get it on iTunes by clicking here.

And we actually did make a music video for it, and that’s posted here on the BurningAngel Youtube page. If you think that’s catchy, wait till you hear my new song Fish Food.

Arabelle Raphael actually played a hot business-owning belly dancer named Johnny Falafel in Band Sluts, where she makes the infidel hipster (Tommy) give her his seed. The whole scene was hysterical. But that’s not really why I’m mentioning Arabelle today – it’s also happens to be her BIRTHDAY!! YAY ARABELLE!



You are the tits, Arabelle! Happy Birthday!!!!!


Joanna Angel

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Titty Tuesday Yay!

posted by Punk Porn Princess on January 28, 2014


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Have some tits! In honor of TITTY TUESDAY!



These are my boobs from a scene in BAND SLUTS. Ahem, which won BEST COMEDY at AVN 2014. Just saying! 😉

Here’s some BONUS titties from two amazing BurningAngel girls – Jessie Lee and Tori Lux! They’re SO FUCKING GORGEOUS!!



Can we all just admire how great everyone’s boobs are?! There’s a new video on my site – “Behind Jessie and Tori!” that goes behind the scenes of the STRAP ON scene we shot starring them! You can check that out HERE.


PS LISTEN TO MY RADIO SHOW ON VIVID RADIO!!! Must have SiriusXM radio to listen in! Also, call me!!

Joanna Angel

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AVN Award Winning!

posted by Punk Porn Princess on January 21, 2014


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Hell yeah! Me and my company BurningAngel brought home 4 awards from AVN 2014! They are:

Best Porn Star Website:
Best Makeup: Evil Head, by Melissa Makeup
Best Actor: Tommy Pistol, Evil Head
Best Comedy: Band Sluts
Fun fact: Band Sluts is my favorite movie I ever wrote and I hope everyone sees it and busts a gut and a nut!

Thank you to everyone who was involved in all my projects over the last year, I can’t wait to make more awesome movies for my fans. I love you all!

Here’s some pics from this year’s AVN red carpet!

2014 AVN Awards

A HUGE thank you goes to my wonderful friend Lindsay Hearts for making the most gorgeous fucking dress for me ever!

Here’s my man friend Small Hands and I looking really tough!



The radiant Kleio Valentien, who made her own dress (you looked SO GOOD!), escorted by Mitch Fontaine, who never smiles ever.


Arabelle Raphael and Jessie Lee heating up the place with their presence. Mmm.

Here’s Krissie Dee and Miss Genocide looking delicious, and their red carpet man candy rocking a kick ass bowtie.



Look at us all! Fancy mother fuckers! I love it. BurningAngel rules.


And here’s me announcing the Movie of the Year with Ron Jeremy and Allison Moore on stage at the AVN awards! Cool!

Time to get back to it!

Joanna Angel

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