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RIP MCA. Really. As a Jew from the east coast, I practically feel like we were related somehow.

It’s pretty common when you grow up in a Jewish family, to think your only calling in life is to be a doctor, a lawyer, an accountant, or something that involves a suit and waking up incredibly early. You never think you have the potential to do anything exciting. When I was first introduced to the Beastie Boys- I was inspired. I was like, look- these guys are a bunch of dorky Jews, like me- but they managed to embrace it , and be fucking bad asses at the same time.

The first time I smoked pot  was in the 9th grade, with a few friends, listening to Licence to Ill. I got really high, and couldn’t handle socializing with everyone else there (I was the only one in the room who was getting high for the first time so, and I totally lied about it and said I had done it before so I was feeling kinda weird) so I went into another room, and wrote down the lyrics to Paul Revere in a notebook. Not really sure why… but this seemed to have the answers to all the problems of the universe at the time.

Anyways, yeah. That’s my random MCA memory- it’s a tragedy that he died so young.

Rest in Peace!!


Joanna Angel

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Travis Barker at the Roxy

posted by Punk Porn Princess on July 28, 2011


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This week and this weekend there are all sorts of parties going on in LA because the XGames are here. Lots of handsome skaters have been posting pictures on their Twitter of themselves all sweaty and shirtless after their practice, and quite frankly, it is very exciting.

What? Come on. Let me objectify men, alright? I let you objectify me!

I am not going to the XGames; this weekend, I actuallyam going to my aunt’s 90th birthday party, in Ohio. It will be a lot like the XGames. My 90-year-old aunt is pretty bad ass.

However, last night I did go to an XGames kickoff party that Travis Barker played at. He played drums while Mixmaster Mike DJ’ed. It was awesome to see Travis in such a small and intimate venue. I have not seen him on such a small stage doing anything since the Warped Tour in like, 1998 or something.

The set was pretty awesome; it made me giggle a little bit because him drumming along to the DJ’s set reminded me a little of playing Rock Band or something – however, it was really cool regardless. Travis is obviously a hell of a drummer and it was pretty incredible to watch. It was kind of confusing because I wasn’t sure if I should be dancing to the songs, or watching him play drums, so I kinda switched off and did a little of both.

It was hard to get pictures, but here was the best I could do. Actually, what am I saying. Brian Street Team took these pics! So this was the best HE could do. The ones on my phone were pitch black.

The best thing about The Roxy, is that is it is right next door to the infamous restaurant The Rainbow. And even though Los Angles has pretty shitty pizza in general, the pizza at the Rainbow is pretty damn good. So I did get to indulge in some pizza .

All in all, it was a fun night.

Joanna Angel

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