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posted by Punk Porn Princess on June 28, 2011


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Yesterday we shot some more porn. Are you noticing a pattern here? We import cute tattooed hoes from different states, shoot for a few days then take a little break. These past few days have really been a lot of fun – I really enjoyed spending time with Aria Rae, Severin Graves, and Mary Jane. I felt like my apartment became a very fun and twisted sorority for a few days. I am about 10 years older than them (Mary Jane is 18, Aria Rae is 19 – and I think Severin Graves is 21 or 22) but whatever…I just don’t care. They make me feel younger, and I enjoyed having them around.

Here’s a pic of Mary Jane loungin’:

I made Severin‘s porno dream come true and she did a DP with Sean Michaels and Mr. Pete. She really took it like a champ! She got Sean’s huge black cock in her pussy and ass without even any lube. She’s such a horny girl and I love it. I was totally impressed! I actually got so hot during the scene – that during a break, I jumped in for a little bit and sucked off Mr. Pete and Sean. Me and Severin Graves took turns giving everyone blowjobs for a couple minutes. It was pretty awesome. I really wanted to start fucking everyone but it was, after all, her special DP day and I didn’t want to take away from that. Being a director can really be so frustrating sometimes!

This scene was also for, and the scenario involved a wood-shop class. I was a student in the class (on Sunday I was a mom, and Monday I was a student- I am so versatile in my acting skills!) so I put some braids in my hair to appear more student-like. Pretty cute, huh?

Oh yeah – the studio we shot in belonged to a fellow porn slut- and good friend of mine, Aiden Starr.


I randomly went in the bathroom and took this picture of me:

And that’s all I have for today!


Joanna Angel

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Playboy Radio

posted by Punk Porn Princess on April 13, 2011


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Yesterday, I went on “Night Calls” on Playboy Radio with Nicki Hunter and Dallas LoweDallas is a new host on the show. I am very used to going on that particular show with Christy Canyon, an old-school 90s porn star…I think Christy is awesome…but I wasn’t so sure how I’d feel about the Dallas just yet…fast-forward: she REALLY liked my cowboy boots, so I decided she was OK in my book!

Anyway, I like going on Playboy Radio! Everyone on the show is always insanely nice to me. Nicki Hunter is a sweetheart, and she always tells me such nice and wonderful compliments that make me feel warm and gushy inside. It’s always nice to get props from the porn hoes who have been around longer than me.

On a side note, I’m feeling very emotional today. I don’t know why. Well I do know why, but I don’t feel like writing about it. Being a girl is SO ANNOYING sometimes. No matter how awesome, or how bad ass we are, and no matter how many dicks we take in our asses on camera…sometimes shit can still really suck! Haha.

Well yeah.  Sorry.  Didn’t mean to be all cryptic. Here’s some silly photos from me in the green room at Playboy Radio!

Here’s me and a Hugh Hefner bobblehead doll.

Here’s me and some old-school Playboy Bunny doll.

Here’s my mini porno retrospective. On the wall is porno in the 80s . In the foreground is porno today. What do you like better!?

And that’s all for today!


Joanna Angel

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Chicago Sexpo with Alexis Texas and Kagney Linn Carter- My midwest trip Part 1

posted by Punk Porn Princess on May 4, 2010


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I intended on writing a blog about my entire Midwest mini work vacation- but once I started writing this I got on a bit of a tangent just about my first night. I wasn’t planning on doing that- it just sorta happened that way. Hence why the entry is called “part 1”. With my bad blogging schedule- it might be all month before I get through explaining my whole trip! Don’t let me do that! Yell at me on twitter if it is Friday and part 2 and 3 has not gone up yet.

I had an interesting mini work vacation to the Midwest.It began with me signing at the Chicago Sexpo with Alexis Texas and Kagney Lynn Carter. I forgot to charge my camera so I have no photos from this event so I am being lame and just posting random images from the internet with this posting. The Sexpo was a big convention and party mixed in one- it seemed like the biggest adult event in the Midwest. I think about 6 thousand people were there- everyone was very drunk and very loud. Quite honestly it was a bit much for me. I sat at a station and signed posters for most of the evening- while various people delivered myself and Kagney Vodka and Red-bulls. After several hours I got up to go to the bathroom and had one of those woooooah I am drunk and didn’t even know it moments. It’s odd how that happens when you are drinking and sitting down.


There was some kind of amateur strip contest going on in a different room that I watched while signing- on a TV screen that broadcast what was going on in the different areas of the club. The girls entering the contest were very obviously on their night off from the Hustler club, or whatever the hell strip club was in Chicago. They all had that booty shake thing down pat, and some came dressed in those shaggy leg-warmer things- and NO ONE owns those things unless they are strippers.


Kagney and I overheard that the winner of this abomination of an amateur strip contest was to receive $5000 and we both decided that if any fake amateur stripper was going to walk away with 5 grand- it should be us. My stripping skills looked way more sub par than anyone on stage to boot. In our drunken vodka Red-Bull state we were furious about this and acted as though we signed up for the contest and denied the chance. Alexis was not drinking Red-Bull and vodkas- she was drinking some kind of odd Champagne that I think was supposed to double as an aphrodisiac. She was more of a tired drunk than a get on a poll and dance drunk- but she is a team player and said she would go along with it anyways. We found the guy in charge of everything and asked him if the contest was over. He said “yes! why?” and then Kagney explained as if she was our team representative that she really thinks we deserve to have a chance at that 5 grand. Now, if you are reading this blog you probably think I am at least moderately attractive- and if that is the case, there is a good chance that Kagney Linn Carter is just not your type but- I don’t really care who you are and what kind of girl you like…. there is just no way anyone in the world would ever say no to anything this girl would ask you, especially while she is jumping up and down and begging to take her clothing off and dance on a pole.


So then the guy changed his mind instantly and said “well I think there might be time for one more!” And he brought us to the stage… where the emcee had started introducing some band. The three of us were escorted onto the stage, and just walked right past the girl who was introducing the band and the guy took the mic and whispered something along the lines of “hey we have one more contest entry” and then the girl whispered back something along the lines of “but the contest is over and the band has to go on” and then he whispered back something like “but Kagney really wants to go on stage” and then she took one look at her and umm… well she let us go on stage. We were told before we went on that there was no nudity allowed, which I thought was quite a relief since I had a very un-matching bra and panty set on, and I also had a tampon in. Yes. Sorry! Even people in porn do get their periods from time to time.

The second the music went on Kagney flashed her boobs… and then I was like FUCK I don’t want to be the lame one on stage… so i took my top off. I left my bra on though because by this point I visibly saw the people on the side of the stage freaking out about the exposed nipples. Alexis lifted her skirt up and started shaking her ass, so basically the entire building just stood there mesmerized.

So I was like fuck this,  I better get down to business here so I took my pants off- but I was wearing jeans so I had to take my shoes off in order to take my pants off. And then once I took my shoes off and my pants off I wanted to put the shoes back on because due to my height I kind of feel like I look like a weird 9 year old with my shoes off but I had thrown them to a corner of the stage where I couldn’t find them so I proceeded. I did a little dance in front of the audience, and I had to put a lot of energy into lifting my feet up because the stage was coated with sticky dried up alcohol. I ran to the poll and hung from it like a monkey in my red cotton H & M panties with some white script writing on it that said like “paris” “london” and other European cities with my black lacy Fredrick’s of Hollywood bra. A perfect stripper outfit, really! Alexis continued to shake her ass and Kagney continued to show her boobs. I was pretty sure that even if my tampon string was hanging out that no one at this moment would even be looking.I only really know one pole trick, and since I had exhausted that already I just shoved my face in Alexis’ ass… because well… it is quite nice and heavenly in there. I feel bad. I am pretty sure that everyone sticks their face in her ass during every scene she does…. but I was quite worried that if I didn’t do that, someone else from the audience would have due to the amount of drunk people with such close proximity of the stage. OK. Fine. I am lying. I was not really so worried about that I just really wanted to put my face in her ass.


We ended our impromptu show and then the band came on stage who were visibly displeased that their set was cut short.

We did not stick around to see if we won the contest. I told the guy in charge to please call me if we won. He still has not called. Perhaps they are just taking an extra long time to tally up the votes?

It was a fun night. It was most definitely not a BurningAngel party…. but I was glad to be a part of it. The moral of the story is, that if I get invited back next year I am definitely wearing a better set of undergarments.

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