Lana Del HumpDay & More!

posted by Punk Porn Princess on June 3, 2015


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Happy hump day, everyone!

I decided we should make a porno about Lana Del Rey – where we base scenes off different versions of Lana from her music videos. We love Lana Del Rey and think she’s awesome, so.. porno! I think I will call it Porno Del Rey. Or Lana Del Porno. Haven’t decided yet. Anyway – here’s photos from set!


Farrah Paws is a Lana! Can you guess which music video?! And then Vera Drake returned –


and she’s the Born To Die Lana, with Chad Alva!


I can’t wait to make more of these – it’s gonna be awesome! Haha

So let’s see – Brianna Rose came back to shoot for us again, big booty looking great, and decked out with a lace-up corset and stockings –


Larkin Love paid us a visit and she did a pin up styled scene in some pretty purple and leopard lingerie –


To get an accurate idea of just how big Larkin’s awesome boobs are – it appears each one is as big as Vera’s head! They’re glorious.


Speaking of glorious boobs – Lily Lane, in a hot tub!


And here’s what happens when we just hang out on set-


I think I remember Lily saying “On Sunday, we fuck our friends!” She’s not wrong. That’s what we do on Sundays, instead of like, church or something. Hahaha!

Anyway, we have a ton of hot tattoo smut coming out for you, so keep your eyes peeled! Enjoy your hump day!



Joanna Angel

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