Jessie Vs Misti DVD Release Party!

posted by Punk Porn Princess on March 31, 2011


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Last night was a little release party for a new movie we just released called “Jessie Lee vs. Misti Dawn” . You can get it HERE!

It’s a compilation of all of my favorite scenes from two of my favorite BurningAngel girls, Misti Dawn and Jessie Lee. They are scenes that have been on the web, but not on DVD yet. So it’s still new to a bunch of you! There are some funny little slides between the scenes with silly images of me “judging” them. I don’t know if this is bad business to give away the ending but…I will do it anyways. It’s a tie!!!!

I just want to say I am SO HAPPY Jessie Lee was able to attend this party. I really a, so grateful every day that she is alive. Jessie is still recovering, but she did mention something about wanting to shoot again sometime in the near future. I sure hope she can!

I think Luke Perry might’ve been at the party – is this him!?!

Here are a few more photos (pics provided by Kelly Lind and  Chazz Gold!) from the party of Jessie and Misti…they were actually there.  And we all had something to say about 90210…

You can check out the rest of the party pics in this super awesome photo gallery!

And that’s all for today!


Joanna Angel

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Liquid Latex

posted by Punk Porn Princess on September 15, 2010


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I am going to let you in on a very special secret. Are you ready? OK. Well the secret is that BurningAngel will have its very own liquid latex as part of our sex toy line in January. It’s actually not a huge secret, in fact, I think I am supposed to tell people about it. That is probably why they make this kinda stuff for me- because they trust that I will spread the word. So here I am, playing my part in promoting my toys!

The liquid latex is going to only come in hot pink and black- like all my other toys. I don’t wear latex very often, although I do think it is very sexy. I have one latex dress I have been meaning to shoot in- but I feel like I need a pair of those latex stockings to go with it. I asked Kelly Lind if it shiny American Apparel leggings could pass as latex stockings in photos, and he was very offended. He told me he would nothing to do with photos in which I posed wearing American Apparel shiny leggings, and tried to pass them off as latex. I think he had a good point. The fact of the matter is (oy vey- here comes the jew!) American Apparel shiny spandex are way cheaper than latex leggings- and I already spent a good amount on the latex dress. One day- this dress, with a matching pair of leggings will somehow make it on camera- I promise.

I did do one photo shoot in a latex skirt- I would actually say it was more of half a skirt than a whole skirt. It was not a full head to toe latex get up but it sure was a latex skirt.

But anyways- liquid latex comes in a bottle, and you just paint it on. It is kinda like body paint only it’s latex. It’s pretty cool. Here are some pictures of the BurningAngel liquid latex that is coming out in Janaury. Me and Misti Dawn are going to be on the box of this product- so we had to do this photoshoot wearing it. Here are the exact pictures that are going on the box.

HA! I am just kidding! I TOTALLY had you fooled didn’t I. No. The box of the toys will not have product shots taken from my cell phone. They will be a lot fancier than that. But here are some photos taken with my cell phone on the day of that oh-so-professional shoot.

Liquid Latex Joanna Angel

Liquid Latex Joanna Angel

And here is Misti Dawn!

Liquid Latex Misti Dawn

I also took some video with my phone- it’s pretty bulrry and hard to see but um… you can watch them anyways.

Putting it on!

I am not gonna lie- it really hurts taking liquid latex off. Supposedly it is easier if you put baby oil on underneath it- but I did not know about that until AFTER the liquid latex was on my body, sans baby oil. Oh well. It was an adventure at least! My friend (who is also a male performer that maybe one day i will bang in the future on camera) Michael Vegas helped take it off. Kinda. It still hurt!

Taking it Off!

Joanna Angel
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