TBT – Band Sluts!

posted by Punk Porn Princess on February 27, 2014


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It’s Throwback Thursday! Remember that time Tommy Pistol and I were in a hilariously tragic hipster band?


We never did make it to “Coachello,” but my movie Band Sluts DID win Best Comedy at AVN this year!

That awesome song you hear in the trailer? That’s my band Joanna Angel and the Gigolos’ song Gimme Some Pants, which should have won best song at AVN, just saying! 😉 You can get it on iTunes by clicking here.

And we actually did make a music video for it, and that’s posted here on the BurningAngel Youtube page. If you think that’s catchy, wait till you hear my new song Fish Food.

Arabelle Raphael actually played a hot business-owning belly dancer named Johnny Falafel in Band Sluts, where she makes the infidel hipster (Tommy) give her his seed. The whole scene was hysterical. But that’s not really why I’m mentioning Arabelle today – it’s also happens to be her BIRTHDAY!! YAY ARABELLE!



You are the tits, Arabelle! Happy Birthday!!!!!


Joanna Angel

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