Lana Del HumpDay & More!

posted by Punk Porn Princess on June 3, 2015


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Happy hump day, everyone!

I decided we should make a porno about Lana Del Rey – where we base scenes off different versions of Lana from her music videos. We love Lana Del Rey and think she’s awesome, so.. porno! I think I will call it Porno Del Rey. Or Lana Del Porno. Haven’t decided yet. Anyway – here’s photos from set!


Farrah Paws is a Lana! Can you guess which music video?! And then Vera Drake returned –


and she’s the Born To Die Lana, with Chad Alva!


I can’t wait to make more of these – it’s gonna be awesome! Haha

So let’s see – Brianna Rose came back to shoot for us again, big booty looking great, and decked out with a lace-up corset and stockings –


Larkin Love paid us a visit and she did a pin up styled scene in some pretty purple and leopard lingerie –


To get an accurate idea of just how big Larkin’s awesome boobs are – it appears each one is as big as Vera’s head! They’re glorious.


Speaking of glorious boobs – Lily Lane, in a hot tub!


And here’s what happens when we just hang out on set-


I think I remember Lily saying “On Sunday, we fuck our friends!” She’s not wrong. That’s what we do on Sundays, instead of like, church or something. Hahaha!

Anyway, we have a ton of hot tattoo smut coming out for you, so keep your eyes peeled! Enjoy your hump day!



Joanna Angel

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Happy Monday everyone!

posted by Punk Porn Princess on July 30, 2012


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This weekend I shot a whole bunch of PORN. Yeah. That’s what I did. So whatever you did was not as cool as what I did!

Anyways, first off, I gave three dudes a blowjob. That was pretty awesome! I mean, why only put one penis in your mouth, when you can put three in your mouth? It was like, a multi-cultural blow-bang. The penises belonged to Chad Alva, Jon Jon, and John Strong. It was Penis Diversity Day inside of my mouth!

Absinthe (the newbie) shot with Danny Wylde. They were on the Burning Angel Yearbook staff for

The 18-year-old newbie who decided to call herself Vada (after a character in Street Fighter) did a scene for with Tommy Pistol. The scenario involved Tommy trying to impress Vada by smoking cigarettes – and since it was Tommy, he acted completely ridiculous.

I love Tommy; he’s like my porn brother. Together we are so incredibly strange, it’s hard to describe it in words.

Vada ALSO fucked both Danny and Tommy. She loved it! What a naughty young girl.

We also shot Severin! It was really good to see her again. She too did a scene with two penises, and then also did another scene with Anthony Rosano who played the school nurse. I know when people think of porn, and nurses, they usually think of a chick being dressed up like a slutty nurse but I like to do things my own way and have the man play the naughty nurse. “A man can be a nurse just like a woman can be a doctor!” That was actually a line taken directly out of the script for the scene.

And then, we shot Veruca James with a new really hot lesbian chick named Nikki Hearts. Nikki admitted to me that she loves using a strap-on in her personal life, so I encouraged her to use one on camera. This scene was shot on the roof of our studio just as the sun was setting and it really looked beautiful. They looked so fucking hot together it was insane.

And that’s a wrap!

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Crazy weekend!

posted by Punk Porn Princess on September 13, 2011


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It was an eventful weekend! Some sex, some rock & roll, and some uh, movie reviewing? And super organic cups.

So to start off, asked me to go with one of their reviewers to a screening of “Bucky Larson” – a porn-themed Happy Madison production. The movie is about a guy who found out his parents were in porn, and then decided to try to be in porn himself… so Movieline wanted a porn “experts” opinion on the movie. I was flattered to have been deemed the expert for the job. It was pretty odd; in order to do this in time for the review, I had to catch a 10:25 am showing of the movie. I had no idea movie theaters were even open that early! There were like, 4 people in the theater. In any case, if you care to know my take on the film you can read the review/ interview HERE!

And here is a pic of me in front of the movie theater bright and early!

Then on Friday night I went to see Rancid and H20 in Pomona. It was a great show! Man, I needed that. I’ve been sick all week and going through all sorts of emotional drama in my life (I’ll spare you the details) and seeing Rancid play a two-hour set made me feel a hell of a lot better. Rancid was one of the first punk bands I ever say when I was in 8th grade. They have always been a huge inspiration to me, and helped mold me into who I am today. I know . Sounds cheesy – sorry, but it’s true. The band played for over two hours – they basically played every song they had; it sure was a treat.

Then on Saturday, I directed some porn! Yeah. Porn. We shot a scene with Chad Alva and Miss Genocide!

And we also shot a scene with a brand new HOT girl named Gabriella!

Here she is!

She had sex with Mr. Pete. I tried to take a picture of it, but it was hard since they were…you know…fucking and all.

The scene was shot in a loft that Sparky and Tori Lux were hanging out at. And Tori ran around topless for a majority of the time, and that was pretty awesome. The whole day was lots of fun. It really didn’t feel like work at all, it was one of the days where I came home and appreciated my life so much. I get to hang out with my friends, and film them fuck for a living. How could I complain?

Well I’m off to set for another day of shooting. This time, I will be having sex and not just directing others to do it. So I’m pretty stoked!

Have a lovely Monday.

Joanna Angel

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Come see me in Brooklyn on Thursday!!!

posted by Punk Porn Princess on April 19, 2011


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Hey all.  I just want to remind everyone to come see me at SHAG this Thursday. It’s a store in Williamsburg, Brooklyn that sells fancy schmancy sex toys…and other unique things.

In addition to being a cool store, it has a cool name. To honor that, I will grace you today with a photo of me “shagging”  Zoe Voss and Chad Alva in my latest scene on!

(Yes. This was a shameless self promotional post…but at least it had some nudity in it!!!)

Joanna Angel

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