Belladonna On Skinema!

posted by Punk Porn Princess on February 6, 2014


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The latest episode of Skinema brought a tear to my eye!

The BurningAngel “record reviewer”/my friend/writer for Vice etc… Chris Nieratko recently did a four part piece on Skinema on the infamous Belladonna. There was only one Belladonna in porn, there will never be another. She is one of the most unique people on earth, and she is definitely an innovator in anal sex. In any case, I was happy to have gotten to know Belladonna while she was in the porn industry, and aside from her uncanny sexual abilities, I always found her to be one of the sweetest and most genuine people I had ever met. She spoke very highly of me in in the recent episodes of Skinema, and it brought a tear to my eye.

But aside from our mutual respect for one another, I have a very funny story about the first time I met/worked with Belladonna. I have told it many times, but I don’t think I ever put it in writing. So pardon me if you already heard this, and read on if you haven’t.

Almost 10 years ago now, I was asked to do a live webcam show with Belladonna. I was a big fan of hers, and I was nervous as hell! I was new to porn, and new to Belladonna and I wanted to make a good impression on her. Being that Bella was famous for her anal abilities, I wanted my ass to be prepared for anything. I slept with a giant butt-plug inside me (I would not recommend that to anyone), and I kept it in the next day while I drove to set, got my makeup done…. etc. My ass at that point probably could have fit 4 penises inside of it.

So the scene started and me and Belladonna made out and stuff. This was a live webcam show so we talked to the fans a bunch, and answered their questions. After a while Bella turned me around, and faced my ass towards the webcam. She licked my ass, and then she grabbed what may have been the worlds smallest butt plug to put inside me. In her mind, I was new so she wanted to make sure I was comfortable! The butt plug literally just fell into my ass- on a live webcam show. Seriously! It did. She had to stick her hand inside there and get it out, all while on cam. We both laughed hysterically the entire time. I had always wished this scene were on DVD because then I could watch it again and again, but it was only captured for fans to see as it happened.

In any case, me and Bella talked about this moment in her latest episode of Skinema. She actually dug up some of the footage and Vice put some of it in there. Ahhh. Memories!





In any case, go find Belladonna’s episode here: Belladonna on Vice’s Skinema

And you can watch my episodes of Skinema as well by clicking here.

Now that’s a true #ThrowBackThursday .

Belladonna I will always love you and even though you aren’t in the industry anymore you left an impression that will last forever!


Joanna Angel

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Exxxotica and a lot of Roast Beef

posted by Punk Porn Princess on November 14, 2012


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Hey everyone!! Somehow I managed to come home from NJ with a Flu. I am not sure how! It sucks. I have basically been eating soup all day and drinking cold medicine. I did manage to escape the hurricane, and the weather was actually much nicer than your average day on the east coast in New Jersey in November… but somehow I got a bad cold. Oh well. Life could be a lot worse!

In any case, I did sign at the TITS booth to celebrate the launch of their BurningAngel Collaboration Tee shirts! You can find them on their website here if you want to take a look at them.

And here I am at the BurningAngel booth, wearing matching booty shorts with Phoenix and Bella Vendetta.

Annnnd here is me, Roggie, Kleio, Jessie Lee and Phoenix– all looking at different cameras in different directions.

Annnnd here is me , Kleio, Bellavendetta, Phoenix, and Severin Graves.

One of my biggest fans named Kevin came by and showed me his tattoo! Look at that. That is some dedication to who you jerk off to! I felt really special.

And I managed to eat lunch with Chrisk Nieratko at a place called Harrold’s that served an obscenely large sandwich. When they brought the order out, I thought they were joking. I had Chris hold up a fork next to the sandwich so you could really see how big this thing is. It really does not look like a sandwich a nice guy wearing a Morrissey tee shirt would eat- right?

I had a lot left over obviously, so I brought the leftovers to the convention for everyone at the booth. Yeah. That was me! I walked into a porn convention with a bag full of roast beef. It was extremely tacky. I was pretty sure Chris staged this entire lunch just so I could do that, and he could laugh about it.


Joanna Angel

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Handcuffs and Hairdye

posted by Punk Porn Princess on October 25, 2012


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Sorry to write another blog entry about Chris Nieratko– I hope you don’t think I am obsessed with him. He read my blog yesterday and is now convinced I want to get in his pants. I happen to really enjoy having a male friend whose penis I have never seen. At this point in my life that’s rare.

In any case, Chris was intrigued by the fact that my sex toy line carries rubber hand/ankle cuffs. He asked me about them, and I told him it was good for people who want to try some light BDSM in the bedroom, because the cuffs can restrain you enough to have some kind of kinky sex, but they aren’t impossible to get out of . He liked the concept and in his exact words he wanted a pair to “rape his wife with.”

We tried to meet up last night but it just didn’t really work. I told him I would mail him a pair, but apparently his raping could not be put off for the amount of time it takes to mail something across the country. So this morning- a few hours before his flight,  I told him that I was going to get my hair done and I would bring the cuffs with me and that he could meet me at the hair salon and get them. I honestly did not think he would really show up considering how much men typically dislike women’s hair salons, combined with all the last minute bullshit that comes up before getting on a flight- I just didn’t think driving across Los Angeles to pick up a sex toy would fit into his plans for the day. However, my rubber cuffs apparently took some kind of priority in Chris Nieratko’s life. Just as I was sitting under the dryer waiting for my pink hair to turn slightly pinker, Chris showed up at the salon. He was in a rush, as my salon was about 20 minutes in the complete opposite direction from his hotel to the airport. He asked me for the cuffs- I told them they were in my car. I handed him the keys and began to explain where my car was parked in the large parking lot at the salon, along with a description of the bag in my car (to differentiate between the other 6 bags of various things in my car) in which the cuffs were in, and then stopped myself and realized this was going to be a lot easier if I just did this myself. So I told my hairdresser to give me a minute while I ran out to my car.

And then, the most twisted looking drug deal-esque thing of all time ensued as I grabbed a pair of rubber hand cuffs from my Escalade with hair dye settling in my hair, and he handed me some money. It looked something like this:

Just another day in the life!


Joanna Angel

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My ass and Chris Nieratko

posted by Punk Porn Princess on October 23, 2012


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I have been friends with Chris Nieratko for quite some time now, and we have worked on a bunch of things together at this point. He “reviewed” some of my porn movies in his book Skinema.  By “review” I mean he basically used them to talk about his life, but he still mentioned the movies in some way or another. He also did a documentary piece on me for his web TV show, also called Skinema (he is obviously not very good at coming up with new names for projects he does) , and he is also a regular record reviewer (kind of) for BurningAngel . Me and him had a radio show for a few months on , a very small online radio station. We did the show for free, hoping that it would be good experience, and help the station take off but- somehow we managed to get fired from the job we did for free. The station told me to not be hurt- they just had to move in a different direction, I have been fired before and I have at this point in life fired people- so I know that is just a nicer way of saying “you’re fired.”I don’t really get it. I really loved the radio show and I think the 9 other people who listened to it liked it too!

In any case, this past weekend Chris and I had some adventures. He decided to put my ass in a skateboarding video he shot for I am not trying to sound gangster like, “he put my ass in this video” like, he literally shot skateboarder Elijah Berle skating with my ass kind of in the way. I think he did this to either piss people off at Vans, or he just wanted to show my ass to some skateboarders. Either way, I was fine with it. Hopefully he does not get fired from Vans the way we got fired from Moheak.

Anyways- here are some photos from the shoot so you kinda get it.

Chris is in the corner shooting my ass so you can’t see him.

Here is a really awesome shot from the camera- it’s actually kind of artsy ?

You know, I would follow Chris to the end of the earth, and I believe in every project he does- and I would happily get fired from anything, as long as I was getting fired with him. We are like the very un-dynamic duo. I know I am kind of a weirdo, and at times I feel alone in this world. It’s nice to know someone who is just as weird as I am- who also grew up in New Jersey . I am happy to have him in my life!


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Cookies and Buttholes!

posted by Punk Porn Princess on July 20, 2012


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My second episode of SKINEMA is live today!  Yay!  It’s like magic from beginning to end…It starts cookie-less…and ends with lots and lots of cookies! It starts with me naked in a bathtub…and ends with me naked in a kitchen. (Uh, that means I’m naked the whole time). Basically, my friend, Chris Nieratko (he writes BurningAngel album reviews!), and I were hanging in his bathtub, and then he decided it was time to bake chocolate chip cookies. So that’s what we did. It was a lot of fun!

Watch the episode here:

AND in case you missed PART 1, you can watch it here:

Have a good weekend!


Joanna Angel

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