I had sex with Danny Mountain!

posted by Punk Porn Princess on March 23, 2011


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Yesterday I totally got to have sex with Danny Mountain. I meant to take a picture, but I was too busy having sex to take a picture of the sex. I’m sorry! I don’t get to have as much sex as other porn stars, so I get a little too excited to do it and I forget about the rest of the world.

I should really fix that. Less work, more sex.

I also did a solo masturbation scene with a new dildo that I got at the warehouse show this weekend. Here I am with my new dildo.

Today is the last day of shooting the movie. The past two days were like, 12 hour days…today should be a short one. I am sure the rest of the crew wouldn’t agree, but I love the days we’re on set for a long time. They kinda feel like summer camp or something. Even though I have been doing this quite some time, I still find it fascinating that a group of people show up somewhere at 8 am with a bunch of different lights and outfits and stuff…and 10 hours later we have a bunch of awesome footage. Movie-making is rad.

And those are my deep thoughts for the day.


Joanna Angel

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