Wanna Buy My Stuff?

posted by Punk Porn Princess on April 1, 2015


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You may have heard in the last couple days that I’m moving into a new place this week, and really, moving these extra pairs of panties is so hard, you should just buy them!! They’re heavy and stuff.

Let’s see – I’ve got some WOLFKNIVES panties from my Jason Ellis porno, Dude, Am I A Slut?.


And I’ve also got worn panties that I just wear on my butt in my personal life, like these pink ones!

20150401_panties1 20150401_panties2

I also have autographed posters and dvds for sale, too!


And like a million sex toys, like my floggers from Stockroom’s Official Joanna Angel Line.


Take a look around ShopJoannaAngel.com and help me lighten my moving load =)




Joanna Angel

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Official BDSM Toy Line Launch Party Tonight!

posted by Punk Porn Princess on January 30, 2015


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Tonight’s the night – at the Hustler Store in Hollywood tonight at 8:30pm! Come celebrate the launch of my official BDSM toy line created in collaboration with my wonderful friend Juanito Blanco from the Stockroom! Everyone worked incredibly hard to create a product that I’m so proud of, thank you!!


Everything comes in my signature colors of black and hot pink, and is made of high quality leather! Plus, this handmade line was designed and assembled right here in America, in the Stockroom’s Los Angeles workshop in Silverlake.




Of course, if leather and leashes aren’t your thing – there’s always my Fleshlights!

See you all later!!!!



Joanna Angel

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Time Flies and Kinky Stuff!

posted by Punk Porn Princess on May 10, 2013


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Happy Friday everyone!

Man. Life is just going by so fast! I can’t believe it’s almost summer again. I feel like Christmas was last week. I just want to push pause on life sometimes – everything is happening too fast!

I have a few behind the scenes photos from set I would like to share with you! You can look forward to seeing all of this content turn into real photos that were not taken on an Iphone in the somewhat near future.

First of all – I did shoot a few kind of kinky BDSM scenes. It’s nothing too extreme: I did get flogged with some whips and paddles (one which was so generously donated to me by Flogger Knows Best), and I had some candle wax drip on me, and you know.. stuff like that?

I suppose to a girl who has only had sex in the missionary position her whole life, this could be considered extremely kinky – and perhaps be illegal in certain states in the Mid-west. However, compared to some of the really intense BDSM out there in porno land, what I did was quite vanilla. So I suppose eventually you will see the content and you can decide for yourself how kinky or not kinky you find it.

I did get myself a sexy corset and collar from Stockroom – it was incredibly tight . I enjoyed wearing it – but I also thoroughly enjoyed taking it off and breathing again when I was done!

(I am also not sure why it looks like one boob is running away from the other boob)

I played around with latex for the first time in my life (yeah it’s weird for me to have first times at this stage of my life, but I did!) and I really enjoyed that. Both myself and Aiden Ashley dressed up in tight latex outfits and we had a lot of fun.

Aiden is so beautiful, and she was so much fun to have sex with.

We had great chemistry! I can’t wait for this scene to come out. It was really unique and fun.

Well yeah. Now you are caught up on my newest sexual exploits. Hope you all have a good weekend – exploring your own kinky fantasies!


Joanna Angel

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