Weekend Porno Fun With New Girls!

posted by Punk Porn Princess on November 25, 2014


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Happy Tuesday, people! So I mentioned yesterday that we shot a ton of new porn this past weekend, and with that, a whole bunch of new faces to BurningAngel – a gaggle of girls, if you will! Some are brand new to the industry, and some just brand new to BA, but the important thing I want you all to remember is that they will all be here in the near future… And also that they’re ridiculously hot.

Photos!! Remember I mentioned Alby Rydes shooting a scene in my Grinch porno parody? Have some more upcoming smutty goodness –




Meet Kelsi Lynn! She’s a really cute goth chick and you get to see her naked soon!



And here’s redhead newbie Amber Ivy. Those perfect fucking victory rolls though. I love it when girls are natural pin ups!



Aimee Black is breathtaking – look at that beautiful ass, too!




Last and certainly not least: Ophelia Rain. She’s got this whole vamp goth hotness about her and it makes me a little (very) wet.





And she got double-penetrated and covered in cum.

This was a really awesome weekend in punk pornography. I hope you’re all really excited, I know I am!


Joanna Angel

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Saffer Shoot!

posted by Punk Porn Princess on February 19, 2014


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Yesterday I did a photo shoot with Jeremy Saffer! He’s a friend of mine who is mostly known for taking photos of metal bands. Jeremy has shot me before – and it was in a “fine art” kind of style. I don’t really know what I am talking about – but that’s what he calls it, and he’s a photographer so he knows the proper terminology for all this shit!



I like shooting with people I respect, and it’s fun to do something different every once in a while.

For the past few years, Jeremy has been working on a coffee table book of naked girls wearing corpse paint! He photographed me for this already but we took some new photos for it. So eventually when this book comes out I will have two spreads in it.



Jessie Lee also hung out at the shoot – and she did my corpse paint makeup for me!


DJ Roxanne got in corpse paint too! And we were black metal naked sisters. I had inverted crosses, she had things that looked like antlers. I had pink hair, she had red. It all complemented each other nicely!


Now pardon me while I go blast some Behemoth and burn down a church.

I really should have worn this makeup for my feature dancing gig in Helsinki!

Joanna Angel

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