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This past weekend I went to Hootenany with Jessie Lee and Veruca James. There has been a lot of cool shit going on lately! It’s been a very fun summer so far. Hootenany is a big rockabilly festival, that has a huge car show, a bunch of bands, and a whole lot of vendors selling everything and anything you could ever want to buy with cherries and swallows and dice on them.

Two of my all-time favorite bands played, the Bouncing Souls and Rancid. It was awesome. I mean, it’s pretty weird that I have literally seen both those bands play in every stage of my life. I saw both those bands for the first time the year I was 14. I saw them both a few times while I was in high school, then a few times in college, and a few times after college – up until now. I’ve been watching them play for, like, 15 years! It’s pretty insane. Their music is pretty timeless and I will be listening to them forever!

In any case, here are a bunch of photos of me Jessie Lee and Veruca by some really amazing old custom cars. We got into some trouble taking some of these photos – I’m not sure why. It seemed like the guys who has owned the cars’ wives/ girlfriends did not want girls near the cars. I didn’t really get it. Isn’t half the reason you have an old car and bring it to a car show, is so chicks will stand near it? I don’t get it. But whatever – enjoy the photos! We had to dodge a lot of angry women to get them.

Have a happy Monday!


Joanna Angel

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Me, Los Lobos, The Reverend Horton Heat and my pussy in cars at Hootenanny

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Orange County’s Hootenanny Festival

All in all I had a good fourth of July. I got to see some good music, I got to see some good looking people – and I got to expose my pussy in a car. Woohoo!

So I am keeping with the spirit about blogging about things a week late- and here I am- exactly a week after the Fourth of July blogging about my fourth of July.

Joanna Angels Ass at Hootenanny

Anyways – I had a booth at the Rockabilly festival in Orange County CA called “Hootenanny

It was probably one of my most pleasant July 4ths. The music was good- the people were really really hot. The Reverend Horton Heat played, so did Los Lobos, and the Horrorpops – and a bunch of other bands. I was never THAT into rockabilly kinda music growing up… but maybe I will get into it a little more now. The only band I really knew was the Horrorpops – they are one of those bands that kinda crossed back and forth from punk to rockabilly. Sorry. Does that make me a poseur? I sure hope not. Because that would just be awful. Anyways, as I was saying- the people there were really hot. I mean seriously- i think you could put a pompadour on just about anyone and they would be hot.

There were some serious MILF’s there.

If you are over the age of 40 and you are a woman- I highly recommend you put a pompadour in your hair and like, a flower, and something polka-dot… and you will be hot again. Don’t bother going to Nordstroms and spending too much money on crap that will just make you look more mom-esque. Well anyways- here are some photos from the show.
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