Big Titties and Neko Cosplay!

posted by Punk Porn Princess on June 4, 2014


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Hellooooo! I mentioned we shot a whole bunch of new scenes for BurningAngel last week, and I think you’ll be pleased to find that we shot more of the Miss Emily Parker herself!




She wore a tight pink cutout dress and is rocking some purple locks at the moment. She looks awesome; Emily’s boobs are so great and so is her upcoming scene =)

Speaking of tig ol’ bitties: Larkin Love and Sheridan Love! After much demand, we’re finally making a cosplay movie, and the first scene we made for it is “neko cosplay” themed. You may be asking yourself – what the fuck is neko cosplay? Well, Larkin is a cosplay expert and I had no idea what neko cosplay was either, so I tried to absorb as much knowledge as possible.


Cat. Neko means cat in Japanese.


I found out that “neko chan” translates to “cat girl” and “kawaii” means “cute,” soooo Larkin and Sheridan are super kawaii neko-chans in their scene together, I think!



I’m just saying – I made the girls pour milk all over each other and then lick it off like hungry anime sex kittens. It was purrrrfect.

I will keep you updated on my cosplay porno movie adventures!


Joanna Angel

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