Throwback Thursday – Kelsi’s First Time!

posted by Punk Porn Princess on January 28, 2016


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Did you know that It’s My First Time Vol. 2 won the 2016 AVN Award for Best Amateur/Pro-Am Movie?? Woo hoo! I’m glad we decided to continue the series, because I love breaking hot tattooed little sluts into the porn biz!


Here’s a throwback to Kelsi Lynn’s first scene with us, which is featured on the box cover! Watch Michael Vegas sweet-talk this inked hottie’s panties right off and get. in. that. pussy!!

It was one of two wins for us this year – the other being my website,, winning Best Porn Star Website for the 5th time! I’m honored =) PS you should definitely sign up for which includes a membership to, with code BA2016 for a half-off subscription. I appreciate every last one of you who continue to support your favorite alt porn producers! Thank you!
Joanna Angel

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Oi Oi Oi! Street Punxxx!

posted by Punk Porn Princess on November 6, 2015


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The third installment of STREET PUNXXX, starring Rizzo Ford, Kelsi Lynn, and newbie Amelia Dire, with a special guest appearance by Malice! – comes out at midnight eastern tonight and wraps up next weekend! If you haven’t been watching – take a little peek! Oh, and that music you’re hearing? Small Hands is the man!!

Tonight’s episode features Kelsi Lynn and Mr. Small Hands aka Dirty Fingaz, dumpster diving for tacos, but what they actually find is completely unused dildos! That’s crazy! Why would anyone throw out a perfectly good dildo?! Hahaha. And that, my friends, is how you make punk porn. I haven’t had a fancy fleshlight Friday in a little bit, so I have something special for ya –


Hahahahaha. Sweet mohawk. Damn the man! Buy my fleshlight!

Joanna Angel


PS – Yes, I was DEFINITELY featured in the NY Post yesterday in an article about Jiz Lee’s Coming Out Like A Pornstar! You were not imagining things. Hi, mom! Thanks for always loving and supporting me no matter what!


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Street Punxxx!

posted by Punk Porn Princess on July 28, 2015


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I thought we needed to go back to our BurningAngel roots for a minute – and I came up with this cute movie about street punks living in a squat and saying FUCK YOU to the man!! Here’s a couple photos from our set, with more to come later!

The squat –


It’s acceptable to eat the rich, even if you’re a vegan punk.

Kelsi Lynn got in on this action, and really – we can’t get enough of her punk rock pussy!

20150728_2 20150728_3

Meet newbie Amelia Dire! More on her in the future (and hopefully me on her. I love being me because I get to bang all the hottest chicks in the world).


And then there’s this punk ass – Small Hands, playing the role of “Dirty Fingers” ahahahahah. He’s all sorts of precious in the bullet belt.

20150728_5 20150728_6

You guys are gonna love this movie. More to come soon! Keep your eyes peeled and your pants unzipped =)


Joanna Angel

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Twas A Tuesday Funday!

posted by Punk Porn Princess on June 10, 2015


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Hiii! Happy Hump Day to you all. Yesterday, I had some of my favorite hot tattooed sluts over for a BBQ, because that’s how I do! There were burgers, laughs, nudity, and a sexy photoshoot that you’ll hear more about in the future.

Here’s just a few photos from the fun we had –

Necro Nicki and Sammie Six look bangin’! Seriously. Check out this bang party!! What dolls =)



Lily Lane was looking fine as hell, as usual!

I think this is some kind of BBQ Inception


A hot dog in a cheeseburger! Kelsi Lynn has already begun to subconsciously engineer your food cravings. Not to mention, her pink hair reminds me of cotton candy!

Veronica Layke was here with her puggle, rocking a serious beehive hairstyle. She’s a flawless 60’s pin up all the time, I’m serious!


If there were 4 Veronica Laykes… that would probably be amazing!

Skin Diamond and Sheena Rose were here too!


Loving Skin’s short haircut! And I think we need to get Sheena to have some kind of pink in her hair. We can start a pink hair gang – everyone would want to be in our gang!

Also, doesn’t my panther tattoo look AWESOME?

Have a titillating Wednesday, people =)



Joanna Angel



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