TBT – Joanna Von Angel!

posted by Punk Porn Princess on February 20, 2014


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Remember that time I played Joanna Von Angel in my LA Ink parody “LA Pink”?



I do, it was really fun! Draven Star was my rockstar girlfriend who was always on tour. Her name was “Nicole Sevven” haha. Here’s a clip!

My porno girlfriend raises a very good point! We pretty much get down and make hot lesbian sex right there in the “confessional.” If you want a copy of LA Pink on DVD, you can get it from my online store here: store.burningangel.com





I love the view of Draven’s ass and pussy from behind. So sexy!!

Have a boneriffic Throwback Thursday!

Joanna Angel

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Pics from the LA Tattoo convention

posted by Punk Porn Princess on October 23, 2009


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Here are a few photos from the LA Tattoo convention- about a week late- in true Joanna Angel fashion =)

Here is a girl who is a fan of mine- she is so so so so cute. It is really nice to have cute girl fans! That is rad.

Joanna Angel and hot girl fan

read the rest of this entry….

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First Lesbian Sex Experience for New Porn Star Phoenix Askani!! … and other things.

posted by Punk Porn Princess on July 1, 2009


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Joanna Angel’s LA Pink

I still need to blog about my big adult film that will be coming out in September- LA PINK Starring Joanna Angel =) but I don’t really feel like doing that just yet. Maybe as the next blog entry I will do that. No it’s not that I just don’t feel like it- there are some things I need to gather together that I haven’t gotten together yet- that’s it. HOWEVER- there is a whole set of “behind the scenes” photos from the movie on JoannaAngel.com right now. Here is one of them.

Joanna Angel LA Pink Behind the Scenes

LA Pink Photos

Well I was going to give this its own entry but – here is a little ad for the movie- cut and paste it and put it everywhere!

Here is the URL so you can put it on your MySpace


Joanna Angel LA Pink Promo Photo

Oh, and I Love Cous Cous

Joanna Angel Loves Cous Cous

So then I was thinking – what the hell should I blog about? What I really wanted to blog about was how much I love couscous. I eat it almost every night

for dinner with some vegetable mixed in it. I always make a whole pot and then tell myself I will save more for the next day- BUT I NEVER DO!! I ALWAYS EAT THE WHOLE GOD DAMN THING!

I will be honest- I would rather eat couscous than ice cream or chocolate. Is that lame? Sometimes I mix the couscous with asparagus- sometimes I mix it with broccoli (that’s what I did tonight) – and sometimes- now this is my favorite- I mix it with mushrooms. The mushrooms and the couscous really go quite well together.

But then I thought about how this might be kind of boring. I was like, I can’t blog about couscous! That is incredibly lame. Yet- here I am blogging about couscous anyways. I thought about blogging about how sad it is the Michael Jackson died, but I am sure that has been blogged about enough. I don’t know what to say other than it sucks that he died- and it sucks even more that he has really been dying for the past 15 years. It’s a sad story really. I hope he is happier where ever he is.

OK – I Love Twitter

I posted on My Twitter “what should I blog about” and I got a series of requests that seemed pretty uninteresting but I figured that anything is more interesting than couscous and Michael Jackson right now. So here it is:

@JoannaAngel Any new ladies to the scene we should hear from soon? from @sdpunk52

Yeah Phoenix Askani is Fucking Hot

Porn Star Phoenix Askani

Follow Phoenix Askani on Twitter @PhoenixAskani
Lesbian Sex Virgin Phoenix Askani had her girl-girl cherry popped by me, Joanna Angel!
Join my site to be the FIRST to see.

Well actually- yes! There is a brand new porn girl who will be on BurningAngel very soon named Phoenix Askani (I hope I spelled that correctly). She was actually a BurningAngel.com member for a while which is pretty awesome. She recently came out here and shot some porn movies- some with guys and one with meeeeee! She had never been with a girl before me. I don’t mean to brag but I totally rocked her world. Do people still say that? I don’t really know. She shook and moaned a lot and it was pretty cool. I always like fucking girls who have never had lesbian sex- I think it’s a lot of fun. I can totally see why so many gay dudes I know like to bang straight dudes. I don’t know when the scene with me and her will go up on the web but the scene she did with Kris Slater will be up on BurningAngel soon.

@JoannaAngel how to fuck for world peace, right in your bedroom from @ianultra

I Love to Fuck in my Bedroom

I fuck a lot in my bedroom, my dining room, my closet, my bathroom and my kitchen- and I don’t have any idea how to make any of that lead to world peace. I just know how to film it and put it on the internet for people to get boners to. SORRY =(

Joanna Angel Fucking in her Bedroom

(This is my bedroom- do you like it!!!)

@JoannaAngel what got you into punk? from @stin

Oh JEEZE. Well I don’t really remember why or how but I think in the 6th grade I started listening to bands like Sonic Youth, Nirvana, and Nine Inch Nails uh… Marilyn Manson… you know… stuff like that. I searched for any kind of music that was angry or weird sounding. I mean, I guess I was “punk” then I just wasn’t sure what it was, what it meant and where uh “punk” people went and congregated. Then when I was in the 10th some dude who was a friend of a friend that I had a slight crush on brought me to a punk-rock show at someone’s house in Northern New Jersey. The Casualties were playing- along with some other small local New Jersey bands. It was nuts- people with mohawks everywhere were jumping up and down and yelling and screaming in leather jackets with spikes on them and stuff. I wound up having a bigger crush on punk rock in general than the dude I went to the show with. That year I got all my first punk records and blah blah blah. I guess it is history from there.

Burning Angel Punk Emo Porn Burningangel.com

@JoannaAngel alternatively: creampie eating and why it’s not gay? Discuss. from @notwoodyallen

Um. The only guy I ever knew who was into cream-pie eating was Kurt Lockwood- who is a full time gay porn star now. There might be other guys out there who eat their own jizz out of girls’ pussies who are not gay- but I have not met one yet.

@JoannaAngel talk about the state of the economy? @thebelltolls

It fucking sucks and I hope it gets better. And neither porn, escorting or stripping are recession proof…. although- I think reality TV is. If you are hell-bent on pitching around an idea for a reality TV show that by the off chance hasn’t been done yet then there is hope for you.

@JoannaAngel chinese food and/or the electoral college from @gimmegrits

I’ll be honest- I don’t really like Chinese food THAT much. It always smells good but then once you start eating it you are like- blaaaah. The only Chinese food I really like are steamed dumplings. I am not just saying that because I am a bit of a health nut- but the steamed dumplings genuinely taste much better than the fried ones. I once got a bunch of frozen dumplings from Trader Joes and attempted to steam them at home and they didn’t taste anywhere close to as good as what they taste like in the Chinese restaurants. I would have to say that in the future I will not be purchasing any more frozen dumplings. When I want some, I will just go to any Chinese food place and get them- but why would I even do that when I could just stay home and eat couscous? After Bush won the election for the second time- I had very strong feelings of hatred towards the electoral college. I went on long diatribes about how unfair it was, and how inefficient it was and blah blah blah- but you know, after the last election I don’t think it’s so bad anymore. Sometimes the electoral college can surprise you and do some cool things sometimes. I mean, I honestly can’t think of a better way to tally up all those votes so until I do I will just keep my mouth shut.

Well – that’s it! If you liked this I will turn it into a weekly thing and answer peoples questions on twitter like, on the regular. Maybe it is a nice healthy way to intertwine my blog life and my twitter life- or something.

Well, have a good night,

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