I Heart Latex!

posted by Punk Porn Princess on March 31, 2014


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Last weekend, I finished shooting my latex movie, which I have decided appropriately title Latexxx. All the latex in this movie was provided by Syren Latex – from the best fetish store in the universe, Stockroom. I am not just saying that as some kind of paid advertisement. I love going into Stockroom – they have the most unique assortment of leather, latex and toys. Every time I go in there I actually leave feeling kind of like I am prude. (On a side note, the store is featured on Season 1 of American Horror Story, you know… when Zachary Quinto went to go buy some kinky sex gear.)

The outfits featured in my movie were slightly more revealing than the latex suit that was purchased in AMH, and my outfit won’t be used for the intent of ghosts impregnating the living.




I got a see through neon pink dress that felt so amazing to put on. I loved it! It made me powerful. No, really – it did! It was like transforming in a phone booth into some kind of superhuman character. So I decided to play kind of a dom in my scene… and I walked Ramon in on a leash and teased him before I let him have his way with me.

As a result of this spur of the moment dominatrix decision, it called for some spur of the moment Macgyver fetish gear making. Stockroom has a very wide selection of human collars and leashes – but I wasn’t aware of the superhuman powers the latex dress would give me when I got the dress. In any case, on the fly, I made a leash on set out of a belt that belonged to Hermionie Danger (who was also on set that day), and a removable strap of a suitcase. You know… those straps that they make you take off when you check your bag! Yeah, those!

It actually worked quite well.


And then I took the latex stocking that Lily Lane wore in her scene, and turned it into a blind fold. It was total DIY roleplaying.



The scene was lots of fun I can’t wait for you all to see it. The other beautiful latexxx sluts in the movie were Phoenix Askani & Chelsea Grinds….


….and Roggie & Asphyxia Noir, the full scene which you can see online now! Click here.




So if you learned anything from this post – it’s to do something kinky and creative… and to go get something at Stockroom.

Joanna Angel

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Chelsea Grinds!

posted by Punk Porn Princess on February 26, 2014


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This weekend, in addition to shooting vampire stuff, we also shot a BurningAngel newbie named Chelsea Grinds!


Hi there!

She’s got cute short orange hair and she’s very quirky and funny… And a total bisexual slut! She loves cock and she loves pussy. She worked with Tommy Pistol, and also did a scene with Phoenix Askani.


They wore latex dresses that we got from stockroom.com (so hot, thank you!) in their scene and they looked amazing in them. Unlike a lot of burningangel girls, both Chelsea and Phoenix are pretty tall, so I specifically got them dresses that showed off their tall and slender bodies.


They looked fucking awesome with and without the dresses!


Welcome, Chelsea!!! You will be seeing her bone in the very near future 🙂

ALSO, I had to reschedule my LIVE WEBCAM SHOW last night because of stupid LA traffic! I will be on TONIGHT at BurningAngel.com/en/chat at 6pm-7pm PST (9-10pm EST!). Wanna play? =)

Joanna Angel

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