Wisconsin Part 2!

posted by Punk Porn Princess on January 24, 2014


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It’s been a crazy month! From Wisconsin to Vegas, and then NYC next weekend. I don’t know what city I am in and when.

Here’s a few pics you never got to see from my stage show in Wisconsin!


Here I am wearing my crackhead fairy princess Las Vegas showgirl light-up outfit. I love this outfit! It always goes over well.



And here is my leather daddy outfit.


Don’t I look so Judas Priest chic?!

Here’s my cheerleader/raver outfit.


I used to be so opposed to wearing these kinds of furry things on my legs, but one day Aiden Ashley and Bonnie Rotten encouraged me to get them and I was like… why the hell not. I felt a little like I was having a midlife crisis, because these kinds of furry leg warmers are usually meant for girls half my age but… when I tried them on I thought they were kind of adorable, and they made me want to dance. So a strip club is the perfect place to wear them (and take them off)!


Yeehaw! Giddyup, motherfuckers!




I saw a bunch of friends in Madison!


This woman screaming into my ass is a very old friend of mine, who used to work for BurningAngel – our first staff photographer named “The Lovely Brenda”. She lives in Wisconsin now, and she made a trip to see me! She also took some of the photos you are looking at on my blog here.


And Severin Graves also came out to see me! That was a nice surprise.


Also, this awesome fucking tattoo right here! My fans rule.

2014-01-11 22.55.23

I enjoyed my stay in middle America . Thank you Silk Madison!!! I hope to be back sometime =)


Joanna Angel

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Wisconsin Part 1!

posted by Punk Porn Princess on January 14, 2014


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Hi guys! I thought I could maybe squeeze in a couple of blogs about my trip to Madison, Wisconsin this past weekend, so here are some pics of the tourist-y stuff I got to do!


Here I am outside of one of American architect and interior designer Frank Lloyd Wright’s buildings! It called Monona Terrace, because it’s on Lake Monona, and looks like the Jetsons’ house all futuristic and stuff!


This is me outside Wisconsin’s capitol building in Madison, with my homegirl Miss Forward! The state’s motto is apparently “Forward” and that’s why the statue’s name is Miss Forward. History! Also my hand was really cold for a minute. It’s really cold here. =(


That’s okay though, because I went inside the capitol building and it was warm and I hung out next to this replica of the Liberty Bell for a minute. It was like I was in two places at once.




So beautiful!! They say that kids on class trips are told in order to get the full experience of how pretty the capitol building is, you have to lay down on the rotunda floor…


Hey – when in Madison! Don’t I look amazed and pleased?? Haha =)

Okay, that’s it for now! I have to do a whole bunch of last minute stuff for VEGAS!!


Joanna Angel

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Is It Summer Yet?

posted by Punk Porn Princess on January 8, 2014


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Since much of the US is in a deep freeze right now (not southern California, but still), I thought today I would share a fun SFW Porn Wednesday!


It’s Pink Pussy bikini gang girl Arabelle Raphael and the pool boys, Danny Wylde and Michael Vegas, enjoying some tasty teats — uhhh, treats!! Haha. And in case you were wondering, this was originally a photo from our new bikini gang grindhouse style movie coming out called SharkBait!

Also, no polar vortex is stopping me from heading to Madison, Wisconsin this week! I’m bringing every coat, scarf, hat, and pair of mittens I own and I will be feature dancing at Silk Exotic Madison!


And yes, I still want cheese. I will settle for a cheese hat, but real cheese is the best! haha

Joanna Angel

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Performing In Madison, WI!

posted by Punk Porn Princess on January 3, 2014


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Hello everyone! I hope the new year is treating you as well as it’s been treating me so far! In case you didn’t know, I will be performing at Silk Exotic Madison next week January 9th-11th! Click here for more info.  This excites me greatly because not only is this club FULL NUDE, but Wisconsin is known for cheese and I fucking LOVE CHEESE!


Also the moon is made of cheese and here I am in a hot tub full of deliciousness, on the moon. Gravity and breathing works in mysterious ways here. Seriously though, bring me cheese. Pretty please? =)

There is a VIP party on the 9th, so if you use the flyer below, you can get in FREE!


ALSO, my DVD Joanna Angel Kinky Fantasies is 50% off in the BurningAngel store this week when you use coupon code HAPPYNEWYEAR at check out!



Here are some preview shots from my movie! First up is my little sideshow circus foot fetish fantasy with OG BurningAngel Dana DeArmond!


I also have a great time playing submissive with a ball gag in my pretty mouth during my movie. Mr. Pete is a great scene partner. Very gentle! 😉




And the last two photos probably didn’t need an introduction, but in case you didn’t know: fuck yeah, Aiden Ashley and skin tight latex fun! I loved working with her and exploring and discovering new fetishes!


Joanna Angel

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