Sorry, Mom!

posted by Punk Porn Princess on June 25, 2014


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Hi everybody! My wonderful mom is in town visiting me, staying at my place and I love it when she visits because: MOM!!! Yay! She knows what I do, but she doesn’t really ask a lot of questions.

photo 3

As you can imagine, I have some pretty interesting stuff in my place – lots of panties, awards, things that buzz and the like. Of course, mom picks up a fleshlight and asked what it was. It was closed (and unused – I have a lot of them laying around the place), and I said it was a flashlight. Then she tries to turn the thing on. Then she asked why I had so many, so I told her I was very scared of the dark.

photo 4

It was a lot of fun seeing her try to figure out how to make the light turn on, and she told me it was good to have so many large flashlights. They’re good for earthquakes and emergencies and stuff! When she couldn’t figure out how to turn it on, she just put it down and walked away. She knows it’s something, but doesn’t want to know what. She also asked if people came over and did shows on the pole in my room, and I replied, “Sometimes,” and then she said she bets that they use the flashlight in the show.

photo 1

I think that was her special mom way of saying “I know there is something dirty in that flashlight, but I don’t want to ask!”

photo 2

I’m sorry, mom! I’ll tell you what it is one day, but I think you already know!

Joanna Angel

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