Throwback Thursday – Burning Angel’s Top 5 of 2015

posted by Punk Porn Princess on December 31, 2015


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Happy New Year’s Eve, everyone! My lovely assistant Kara was determined to choose her top 5 favorite scenes from the whole year, and this is what she came up with, and I agree! –

Hello party sluts, and an almost Happy New Year to you – Kara here, and I wanted to share with you my top 5 choices for the best scenes we’ve put out all year! If you were not aware, I’m like the porno gatekeeper around here – nothing gets released into the internet wilds without my approval upon screening!! I’ve seen more punk porn than any of you, I’m sure of it. NOW, in no particular order, BurningAngel’s top 5 scenes of 2015 according to my extremely professional opinion are:

Axis and Her Epic Mounts – starring Axis Evol, Xander Corvus, and Bill Bailey
Killer Kleavage From Outer Space – Episode 3 – starring Veronica Rose and Bill Bailey
Sammie Six’s First Time – starring Sammie Six and Chad Alva
Very Adult Wednesday Addams – Afterparty – starring Necro Nicki, Judas, and Ramon Nomar
Making The Band – Part 4 – starring Joanna Angel, Jordyn Shane, Lily Lane, Nikki Hearts, and Small Hands

We’ve shot so much amazing stuff this year, it must have been a pretty tough decision haha. You should go watch all of those scenes this weekend, and if you use code ‘halfoffBA’ when you sign up, you’ll get 50% off a membership to!

Before I go, I wanted to add one of my personal favorite scenes to this list – my scene with Anna Bell peaks from I Banged My Tattooed Step-Sister In The Ass!  In case you forgot what that was like – let me remind you:

And that’s that! Also watch the last live webcam show of the year this evening at 6pm PST/9pm EST in the BurningAngel members chat or on streamate!

Have a Happy New Year, everyone! Party responsibly (or with me, live on webcam, for a little while haha!).


Joanna Angel

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2014 – A Few Of My Favorite Things!

posted by Punk Porn Princess on December 31, 2014


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I thought in honor of New Year’s Eve, I’d share a list of 10 things I really liked about 2014!

1. BurningAngel invented “The Sexy Chair” – a chair where we sit on people sexily. See the chair yourself at an Exxxoitca near you!




2. I became a vampire.



3. Started hosting my own radio show on Vivid Radio, called Lewd Screwed and Tattooed.


4. Jesus might be able to turn water into wine – but I can turn zucchini into pasta. I am well on my way! He and I do share a birthday, after all.

5. Met Jenny McCarthy and Donnie Wahlberg when I went on her show. She fingered my fleshlight. So close!



6. I became the host of a BBQ reality TV show (porno).

7. Came out with my official Joanna Angel BDSM toy line with Stockroom. It’s pink and black and awesome.



8. Fish Fooooood, woaaaaaaaahhhhh, fish fooooood. (That time we made a music video for Fish Food, from Bikini Babes Are Shark Bait)

9. My fleshlight turned into a pumpkin and I visited New Orleans for the first time.



10. I got a million new tattoos!




I took my pal “Snakey” out for some fun while I visited Berlin. Yes, my cobra tattoo has a name.


And New York.


Actually — pretty much anywhere I could pull my pants down, on stage and off. =)


It’s been a really great year. You weren’t so bad after all, 2014! Happy New Year, everybody!

Joanna Angel

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One Year In a Blog (lots of photos)

posted by Punk Porn Princess on December 28, 2012


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I really can’t believe the year has gone by this fast. I feel like the year just started? The way time is flying is actually becoming creepy. I feel like I’m going to close my eyes and open them again and I will be like, 65 years old. AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

Anyways. What the fuck happened this year? I am going to leave out incredibly horrible things, like a psychopath shooting a bunch of kids in a school. Or another psychopath shooting a bunch of people who wanted to see the new Batman. Come to think of it, there were a whole bunch of really morbid and completely unnecessary mass shootings this year …. hopefully in 2013 there will be a lot less of that.

But on a brighter note, I did have a pretty good year! I shot a lot of great porn, and got to do some interesting shit. I’m pretty happy with my life. Things could be a little better, but they could also be a hell of a lot worse.

I started off the year losing a whole bunch of AVN awards – something like, 28 of them. Hey. You know what they say – (or does anyone actually say this?): you can’t lose a bunch of awards unless you get nominated for a bunch of awards? So in some way it was an honor.

I got to watch the Superbowl live, with Dave Navarro. Ironically, it was actually the only time I ever watched a football game in its entirety in my whole life.

Me and Dave Navarro

During Superbowl weekend I met someone I greatly admire – Billy Corgan.

Me and Billy Corgan

…. And someone I don’t admire at all. Guy Fieri.

Me and Guy

Jessie Lee and I got matching tattoos of coffee cups –

Coffee Core!

I won some awards at the Nightmoves awards show

Me and Lexi Belle!

I put various objects in my ass, and it looks to be holding up quite nicely!


I got a very cute dog from a shelter who I named Romona.


Zarrah fixed my TV by smoking marijuana.

Melissa did a lot of really cool makeup on set.

Kim Kane makeup

We finally shot Evil Head after talking about it for 7 years.

Evil Head

I got to see Refused.

I banged all the Presidential candidates and their running mates.

Political Gangbang!

I put Dana’s foot in my vagina.


I went to Mexico.


This guy came with me. He’s pretty sweet! =)


I jumped off the edge of the atmostphere and broadcast it live on the internet for the whole world to see! (I am just kidding. Felix Baumgartner did that. I just watched from my hot tub on the moon.)

On the Moon

I appeared on Dave Attel’s show – Dave’s Old Porn

Dave's Old Porn

And I ate some amazing soup dumplings in Flushing, Queens on Christmas – like a good Jewish girl!

Soup Dumplings!

From the moon, to New York City – I have conquered it all!

Happy New Year, everyone!


Joanna Angel

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New Year’s Eve!

posted by Punk Porn Princess on January 2, 2012


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Hello 2012! Welcome to my very first blog entry of the year. I had a great New Year’s Eve in Brooklyn; Saint Vitus Bar is a total metal bar, where I felt extremely comfortable! I still wore a little party dress, because I always wear dresses on New Year’s, however most people were dressed in cut-up jeans and t-shirts. It was far different from your average party in New York on New Year’s that cost over $100 to get in, with a dress code and what not. I got drunk and danced to Iron Maiden and Journey and stuff… a good way to bring in the new year!

I hope this will be a good year. I am starting to have strange anxiety because I just turned 31 and years are going by so quickly, I feel like in the next 10 minutes I will turn 40…and nothing really bad happens when you’re 40, but it’s just scary when life goes by so quickly.

Yeah. Well, enough with this depressing shit! Here are photos from the New Year’s Eve party – don’t judge my appearance…I was incredibly drunk.

Photos were taken by Igor from Driven By Boredom

To start off the night me, Jessie Lee, Twix, Veronica, and Roggie all hosted the big countdown to 2012 on stage.

Veronica exploded champagne all over the crowd…

I poured some champagne into everyone’s mouth!

And then…everyone showed their boobs. Hooray!

Here’s Annika at the party – showing her boobs!

Here’s Jessie Lee at the party – showing HER boobs!

And here is Kleio at the party – showing HER boobs!


Happy new year!


Joanna Angel

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BurningAngel New Year’s Eve Party!!!!!!!!!

posted by Punk Porn Princess on December 28, 2011


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I just have one thing to tell all you people today…COME TO THE BURNINGANGEL NEW YEAR’S EVE BASH!…AND…

Yo! BURNINGANGEL IS GONNA BE IN BROOKLYN FOR NEW YEAR’S EVE!!! We’re honoring our roots and hosting an insanely awesome, sexy, glam trash New Year’s Eve Bash in GREENPOINT, BROOKLYN, close to the BurningAngel headquarters!  It’s a SUNSET STRIP themed party, with all the HAIR METAL, GLAM and POST PUNK music and girls you can handle! So come and DANCE DANCE DANCE! Drinks are cheap too! Flooded with BurningAngel girls, we’re turning Brooklyn’s awesomest metal bar – the beautiful SAINT VITUS – into…um, an even awesome-er one!!!  And it’s FREEEEEE! Crucial party info below:

Burning Angel Presents: Sunset Strip NYE Bash!
SAINT VITUS (1120 Manhattan Avenue – bet Clay & Box – Brooklyn, NY 11222…near the G train – Greenpoint Avenue OR the 7 train – Vernon-Jackson)
– DJs Christine and Amanda shred your favorite Hair Metal, Glam and Post Punk Favorites
– Hosted By Joanna Angel
– With Contests and Giveaways by the Burning Angel Girls
$5 Beer and Shot
– Complimentary Champagne Toast at Midnight.
No Cover
– 10PM

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