More porno…

posted by Punk Porn Princess on June 28, 2011


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Yesterday we shot some more porn. Are you noticing a pattern here? We import cute tattooed hoes from different states, shoot for a few days then take a little break. These past few days have really been a lot of fun – I really enjoyed spending time with Aria Rae, Severin Graves, and Mary Jane. I felt like my apartment became a very fun and twisted sorority for a few days. I am about 10 years older than them (Mary Jane is 18, Aria Rae is 19 – and I think Severin Graves is 21 or 22) but whatever…I just don’t care. They make me feel younger, and I enjoyed having them around.

Here’s a pic of Mary Jane loungin’:

I made Severin‘s porno dream come true and she did a DP with Sean Michaels and Mr. Pete. She really took it like a champ! She got Sean’s huge black cock in her pussy and ass without even any lube. She’s such a horny girl and I love it. I was totally impressed! I actually got so hot during the scene – that during a break, I jumped in for a little bit and sucked off Mr. Pete and Sean. Me and Severin Graves took turns giving everyone blowjobs for a couple minutes. It was pretty awesome. I really wanted to start fucking everyone but it was, after all, her special DP day and I didn’t want to take away from that. Being a director can really be so frustrating sometimes!

This scene was also for, and the scenario involved a wood-shop class. I was a student in the class (on Sunday I was a mom, and Monday I was a student- I am so versatile in my acting skills!) so I put some braids in my hair to appear more student-like. Pretty cute, huh?

Oh yeah – the studio we shot in belonged to a fellow porn slut- and good friend of mine, Aiden Starr.


I randomly went in the bathroom and took this picture of me:

And that’s all I have for today!


Joanna Angel

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Come see me in Brooklyn on Thursday!!!

posted by Punk Porn Princess on April 19, 2011


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Hey all.  I just want to remind everyone to come see me at SHAG this Thursday. It’s a store in Williamsburg, Brooklyn that sells fancy schmancy sex toys…and other unique things.

In addition to being a cool store, it has a cool name. To honor that, I will grace you today with a photo of me “shagging”  Zoe Voss and Chad Alva in my latest scene on!

(Yes. This was a shameless self promotional post…but at least it had some nudity in it!!!)

Joanna Angel

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Joanna Angel, the airport movie critic.

posted by Punk Porn Princess on March 18, 2011


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Yesterday,  I basically spent my whole day on a plane.  I got on a flight at 1PM PST and landed in Florida at about midnight EST. So that was my whole day. I drank airplane wine and ate airport tacos. I’m in Ft. Lauderdale for a big porn convention where all the big buyers and wholesalers and distributors of adult DVDs congregate and drink and schmooze. Yes. Even in porn – there is schmoozing. So hopefully if I schmooze well enough, they will buy some more DVDs. Here’s a pic of me…in FLORIDA!

I watched “Inside Job” on the plane. I thought it was going to be a lot better than it was. There was a whole lot of confusing economic mumbo jumbo that I didn’t understand so well…but in addition to that, what I found most frustrating was that any time they talked about someone really important and really corrupt, it would flash to a black screen that said “so-and-so refused to be interviewed for this film”. The first time it was effective. I was like “Whoa! that person is a douchebag! I can’t believe they declined to be interviewed!!” But after seeing that like 20 times all I could think was… “Yo, dudes…maybe you should have waited to make this movie til you could interview all the people who actually know about this shit.” I just wasn’t that impressed.  Quite honestly, I thought the movie was going to be filled with a bunch of secret footage of rich Wall Street guys doing blow and banging prostitutes. There was some mention of that stuff, but it was all voice-overs with stock footage of a random hand snorting cocaine out of a random dollar bill. BORING!

The whole thing really felt like a Michael Moore movie. Really one-sided with a lot of missing information. If you’re into that kinda stuff, you might like the movie.

Well right now, I’m in Ft. Lauderdale Florida, catching up on some work and drinking a Bloody Mary. Since I’m already on the subject of wealthy douchebags kind of, I feel like I should mention that I’m sitting at a bar at the pool with my laptop – and I’m listening to two men talk about how annoying their pregnant wives are, asking each other where to get cocaine, and how pissed off they are that they are here with their families when there is a “porn convention” going on. They stopped their convo a few times to ask me if my tattoos hurt.

Not to get all feminist on you, but this is really making me hate men right now. I think I’ll get another Bloody Mary. Or maybe 12.


Joanna Angel

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Joanna Angel at Warped Tour 2010

posted by Punk Porn Princess on July 1, 2010


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Here I am at the 2010 Warped Tour!

I have been to a lot of warp tours in my day. To think that the first time I ever went- there were no energy drinks sponsoring the tour! Crazy.

Well here I am! Wooohoo!

Porn Star Joanna Angel at Warped Tour 2010

The BurningAngel superstar and my good friend Jessie Lee helped me tag up the back of um… something. I can’t remember if this was a trailer? Or someone’s booth? Or just like, some kinda board. Whatever it is- we put my picture on it. It is almost as exciting as some Attack Attack shirts, and “indie power”.

Porn Star Joanna Angel at Warped Tour 2010

read the rest of this entry….

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My own personal girlfriend experience fucking Sasha Grey

posted by Punk Porn Princess on May 16, 2009


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The Girlfriend Experience movie came out this week, and though I hear it’s hot, it has none of Sasha Grey fucking but in the movie, she does fuck people–just not on camera. No no I am not saying that she fucked the whole crew off camera, I don’t know if that happened but I hope it did for the sake of her and the crew- but the movie is about her being a hooker and you see her interact with the clients but you don’t see her bang them.

I must admit–I am really impressed with Sasha Grey. It’s pretty crazy that she is in this new mainstream movie. I haven’t gotten around to seeing it yet to be honest. I am a jerk- I also have not gone to see Crank 2 — and my darling best friend Jenna Haze is in that. Hmm. What is wrong with me? If you are out there, and you are my friend, and you have a part in a big movie well…. make sure to not call me because I am a jerk and I probably won’t see it! I will eventually see both these movies. I swear. Who wants to see them with me! I never had an appearance in any big movie but the box cover of Joanna’s Angels 2 was in the background of some shot in Will Smith’s movie- I am Legend. It came out like a year and a half ago…. and I finally got around to watching it about 3 weeks ago. The rumor was true, it was in fact there.

I also heard that Sasha did some sexy nude photos for Rolling Stone Magazine…. It’s pretty crazy! This is all very exciting to me–because this means that I can totally go around and tell people that I banged someone famous. I know I know, a lot of people have fucked her over the past few years so I am not the only one who is able to say this, but whatever. I think I can still have some bragging rights.

Well… Shasha Grey’s new mainstream movie has SOME nude shots, but we all know what you really want to see….the last time I checked you blog readers are perverts. I hope that is still the case! I thought with all this non-sex Sasha Grey teaser shit out there-, I bet everyone–meaning all of you “pervs” that read my blog–out there would like to be reminded of what it’s like to fuck her?

Since I have had me some of that Sasha Grey pussy, I thought I would share…Well actually I DID share in Girls Girls Girls 2, a porn movie that grew out of my fantasy about my heavy metal babysitter when I was a kid. I kinda imagine what would have happened between us if I were old enough to get it on with her. You can read about how my heavy metal pussy party came to be. If you already know, well you can go back and re-read it or you can just pretend I didn’t say anything.

Anyways–enough about me. Sasha Grey has an ass like you cannot believe. I got to play with it and stuff. She put a dildo in my ass–and then she told me she was jealous of my ability to put dildos in my ass with such ease. You know, a lot of people have told me that before. It’s weird. I don’t even realize that I am doing anything all that special. Then people ask me for advice on how to get their asses to do what my ass does, and I just don’t know what to say. Anyways– you can watch me finger her awesomely wet pussy and stuff in our scene that is now on Heavy Metal Pussy Party– or if you are a big pussy, and not a pussy party- you can just watch the free porn trailer, again and again and again. I am not Steven Soderbergh but I had me and her had our own special Girlfriend Experience. Seriously! It was romantic. Afterwords, I really did just want to cuddle with her but unfortunately … read the rest of this entry….

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