Throwback Thursday – Scarlett Pain Is Cool!

posted by Punk Porn Princess on February 19, 2015


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I mean, really, spunky redhead Scarlett Pain and her big natural boobs are super fucking cool. They are literally perfect D’s, and she probably won’t even need a bra when she’s 60.

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You can re-live her taking a giant cock here – Scarlett Pain Is Cool.

Hope you’re well, pretty girl!

Happy Throwback Thursday.



Joanna Angel



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Die Mannequin Music video shoot with Scarlett Pain and Kayla-Jane

posted by Punk Porn Princess on July 24, 2009


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Me At the Die Mannequin Video Shoot

Well a few weeks ago I got to do something pretty cool – and be in a video where I got to not have sex. Not that there is anything wrong with having sex in videos but it’s cool to do something different every once in a while. The music video was for a band called Die Mannequin. They are a three piece fronted by a super hot/ slightly insane singer named Care. She was insane in a good way- which you would expect from someone named Care. She really goes nuts on the stage – like she screams and falls down and puts her hair all over her face and sometimes she starts crying. It is pretty intense. She also meditates randomly in the middle of the day. I definitely would recommend going to see them play when they go on tour.

Anyways- BurningAngel girls Scarlett Pain and Kayla Jane were both in the Die Mannequin video as well.

I think we all looked super hot in our white trash/ slutty cop outfits – don’t you?

Joanna Angel Die Mannequin Music Video Shoot Scarlett Pain

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