Throwback Thursday – Fucking Dork Lords!

posted by Punk Porn Princess on October 23, 2014


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I have no idea what reality or timezone I am in right now, but it’s Throwback Thursday and you are getting some Severin Graves being DP’d by a couple of fucking dorks who stumbled upon her in her favorite smoking spot and almost got everyone caught cutting class! (You know, because when you’re almost caught breaking one rule, you should definitely break another, and it should definitely involve threeways and double penetration. Go big or go home, am I right??)

Have some photos to fap it out to –



20130606-Severin-Wolf-Danny-Smoking-Sex-Stills-Web-8479 20130606-Severin-Wolf-Danny-Smoking-Sex-Stills-Web-8507 20130606-Severin-Wolf-Danny-Smoking-Sex-Stills-Web-8567 20130606-Severin-Wolf-Danny-Smoking-Sex-Stills-Web-8578 20130606-Severin-Wolf-Danny-Smoking-Sex-Stills-Web-8696

Or you can just go enjoy the full scene here!

Cleveland this weekend, people!



Joanna Angel

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New schoolgirl movie!

posted by Punk Porn Princess on March 9, 2012


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I have had a very busy day preparing for the shoots we have coming up this weekend. We are shooting some new girls, along with some familiar faces – like Phoenix Askani, Andy San Dimas, Tara Toxic, Sparky and Mariah.

We are shooting a whole school movie – and also scenes outside of the movie. I’m going to play a very mean principal and lots of ridiculous shit is going to ensue. I have been coordinating with the set designers, sending people scripts, making schedules, and all sorts of nonsense like that. Typical shit that anyone would need to do when they are planning out a film, only this just happens to have sex in it.

Everyone in the crew is a little angry because I didn’t finish writing the script til late last night, and we are shooting tomorrow but…yeah. If I keep doing this, I might just have to fire myself for misbehaving.

But anyways, I took a break from my day of production coordinating madness and took some photos of my boobs, with various collars. I have developed a relatively nice collection of collars over the years and uh, I think they are a pretty cool accessory to my tits.


Have a good weekend everyone.


Joanna Angel

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