Hustler Hollywood Launch Party Photos!

posted by Punk Porn Princess on February 5, 2015


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Last Friday was a spectacular night for the launch party of my custom BDSM toy line in collaboration with the Stockroom, and I’m so grateful to everyone who came out to share the moment and celebrate with us! Thank you Juanito Blanco, for putting your heart and soul into this project, I couldn’t have asked for a better partner in crime to make this happen!

And now – photos!


Thank you Stormy Leather for my gorgeous custom pink corset – made out of the same leather as my toys, collars, cuffs, etc!


10974381_814269258620801_4572874733112234067_o 10947362_814266518621075_4325075017738336330_o

Nobody was escaping a little flogging on the red carpet! Everyone liked it anyway, haha. Hudsy Hawn was really putting everyone in their place.

10960250_814269251954135_1526372340307738817_o 10958329_814269255287468_5402830255879461614_o 10872723_814459131935147_4233977125468028005_o 10865746_814267848620942_2715061928652896899_o

Small Hands had the best view.


Judas came to support! She’s a really great slut. Speaking of sluts – Jason Ellis came out too!


And there was even a play / live demonstration session featuring my new toys, between Hudsy Hawn, C Loft Sub, and Sir Leopold! At first, Hudsy was dominating C Loft Sub, and then Sir Leopold stepped in and dommed them both.

red_carpet_stockroom_hustler-(131-of-189) red_carpet_stockroom_hustler-(132-of-189) red_carpet_stockroom_hustler-(139-of-189) red_carpet_stockroom_hustler-(143-of-189) red_carpet_stockroom_hustler-(147-of-189)

This is my kind of party. If you saw anything you enjoyed, you can get all my fabulous hot pink and black gear right here.

Thank you to everyone who came out!



Joanna Angel

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Happy Holidays! Let’s Get Kinky!

posted by Punk Porn Princess on December 12, 2014


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Just in time for the holidays – I give you my new toy line exclusively through Stockroom! You know, in case you need to punish your loved ones in a good way this year! For the good and bad boys and girls in your life. =)

joanna_stockroom_essentials_600 joanna-angel-stockroom-power-play-kit-02 joanna-angel-stockroom-posture-collar

Let me just pause for a second and thank Syren Latex for outfitting us. They make amazing custom outfits!



My new line is kinky, high quality, and pink!!! Check out the full line here –

Of course, if that doesn’t suit your fancy, there’s always my fleshlight!

Have a great weekend, everybody!



Joanna Angel

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I’m Working On A New Project!

posted by Punk Porn Princess on October 8, 2014


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Hello everyone! So yesterday I shared a little behind-the-scenes fun video from my promo shoot with the Stockroom and my friend Juanito Blanco in a sweet little Syren Latex outfit – let me refresh your memory:

Haha! Small Hands always has an extra hand to lend me. Anywho, I am working on a very exciting new project that will be officially announced in the future! Here are some more photos from the session –






Juanito said I was a good girl, so he gave me a nice pink bone and a pat on the head!

IMG_2499 IMG_2500 IMG_2502

It might be fun to have Small Hands dress like this all the time, hmmm.. haha! And finally, here I am, getting properly hogtied and gagged =)


Happy Hump Day, people!!


Joanna Angel

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More Latex, Please!

posted by Punk Porn Princess on April 30, 2014


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I’m really into latex these days. It feels good and it looks so damn cool on camera!



I got a new black and pink Syren Latex outfit from JT Stockroom ( and took some new photos in it with Alexander Sinclaire! It was my second time shooting with him and I’m excited to see the results.

Here’s a sneak peek!



Off to Vivid Radio for my show!!

Joanna Angel

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I Heart Latex!

posted by Punk Porn Princess on March 31, 2014


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Last weekend, I finished shooting my latex movie, which I have decided appropriately title Latexxx. All the latex in this movie was provided by Syren Latex – from the best fetish store in the universe, Stockroom. I am not just saying that as some kind of paid advertisement. I love going into Stockroom – they have the most unique assortment of leather, latex and toys. Every time I go in there I actually leave feeling kind of like I am prude. (On a side note, the store is featured on Season 1 of American Horror Story, you know… when Zachary Quinto went to go buy some kinky sex gear.)

The outfits featured in my movie were slightly more revealing than the latex suit that was purchased in AMH, and my outfit won’t be used for the intent of ghosts impregnating the living.




I got a see through neon pink dress that felt so amazing to put on. I loved it! It made me powerful. No, really – it did! It was like transforming in a phone booth into some kind of superhuman character. So I decided to play kind of a dom in my scene… and I walked Ramon in on a leash and teased him before I let him have his way with me.

As a result of this spur of the moment dominatrix decision, it called for some spur of the moment Macgyver fetish gear making. Stockroom has a very wide selection of human collars and leashes – but I wasn’t aware of the superhuman powers the latex dress would give me when I got the dress. In any case, on the fly, I made a leash on set out of a belt that belonged to Hermionie Danger (who was also on set that day), and a removable strap of a suitcase. You know… those straps that they make you take off when you check your bag! Yeah, those!

It actually worked quite well.


And then I took the latex stocking that Lily Lane wore in her scene, and turned it into a blind fold. It was total DIY roleplaying.



The scene was lots of fun I can’t wait for you all to see it. The other beautiful latexxx sluts in the movie were Phoenix Askani & Chelsea Grinds….


….and Roggie & Asphyxia Noir, the full scene which you can see online now! Click here.




So if you learned anything from this post – it’s to do something kinky and creative… and to go get something at Stockroom.

Joanna Angel

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