One Big DysFUCKtional Family!

posted by Punk Porn Princess on March 15, 2016


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So listen up, assholes – here’s my story:

Once upon a time, late night at a WaWa, I had a 20 minute (or maybe more like 40 minutes) love affair with a trucker named Jimmy. Together, we made a beautiful son we call Xander. Jimmy had a daughter with some other whore from some other WaWa and that daughter’s name is Veronica. And well, my step-daughter – her name is Amber. She came from the mailman, it’s a long story. She’s smart – like, really smart. She’s in college right now and she’s got a cute boyfriend and his name is Bill. Kenny is my brother. He’s real famous on the internet. I’m proud of Kenny. And just a few months ago, I married Tommy. They always say, “Fourth time’s a charm!” …Let’s just say he’s got a good health plan, and I don’t have very good health.

Call us crazy, call us weird – but you can’t say we don’t love each other. This is my dysFUCKtional family. Now somebody: get me a drink.




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Joanna Angel

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