One Of My Favorite 90’s Tv Shows, Beverly Hills 90210

posted by Punk Porn Princess on August 10, 2012


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Like most of you, 90210 was one of my favorite TV shows!  Who didn’t wish they went to West Beverly High and had a part time job at the Peach Pit instead of AppleBee’s!  Also, Dylan Mckay did it for me way more than Brandon Walsh. Jeeez, Brenda really messed that one up. You know, I give Dylan credit for shaping my taste in men, for better or worse. I do not give him credit for shaping my career. I never would have left the show for two seasons!


Today, I’m going to highlight an issue that doesn’t have to do so much with the 90210 TV show, but the DVD box sets that were  released posthumously, specifically, Season 1. Apparently, Donna Martin’s dad, Aaron Spelling, forgot to get the rights for the highly memorable music selections through out the show! Way to go, Aaron. They decided to replace it with like, a pop punk soundtrack. As much as I like Travis Barker I do not want to hear Blink 182 during the infamous SLEEPOVER scene where the girls sing  Mony Mony! (and that bitch Amanda comes over and ruins innocent slumber party fun).  Do you understand how awkward that was!

Dvd in question:


Okay, enough about that!

If you were ever a 90210 fan and you’re reading this, you should stop what you’re doing and vote for me so BurningAngel and I can win an award at NightMoves! Vote here!

Have a great weekend!


Joanna Angel

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New Shirts! For girls, and for guys! SHIRTS!!!

posted by Punk Porn Princess on March 28, 2012


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Well, we made some new shirts. I’m like – Travis Barker. Or J-Lo. I’m making a clothing line!!! OK, not really at that level, but I have a few shirts. Maybe one day, I will have more shirts – and then maybe things that aren’t shirts. Who knows?! I just thought making some clothing would be a good thing to do.

So help me launch my “clothing line” and buy a shirt – and wear it!

Here they are!..

FOR THE LADIES, I present:

Lick My Punk Rock Pussy Tank

FOR THE GENTS, I present…

Tattooed Bikini Girl T-Shirt


Tattooed Girls Do It Better Girl Tank

If any of this APPAREL APPEALS to you…click on the images, find out more about them, and for the love of everything unholy, BUY ONE! =)


Joanna Angel

Ps. If you own/manage a store and would like to carry our shirts send me an email xjoannaangelx AT gmail DOT com

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The Big Takeover at The Fast Life

posted by Punk Porn Princess on October 12, 2011


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Saturday was Yom Kippur. I did fast. I do it every year; I just feel like I have to. It’s nice to spend a day thinking about things you’ve done wrong, and what you can do in the future to change your life and make it better. Whether you believe in God or not, it’s a nice spiritual thing to do.

However, around noon I got extremely hungry and found myself in my apartment thinking about what I would love to be eating instead of doing anything introspective or spiritual at all. So I decided to go out for a bit and take my mind off not eating. There was a Cypress Hill show hosted by Travis Barker at a  clothing store in downtown LA calledThe Fast Life, and that seemed like a really appropriate place to repent for my sins. Right? A Cypress Hill show was much like going to synagogue.

This show was in celebration of this collaboration between the clothing companiesFamous Stars and Straps and Rebel 8 . They teamed up to make some really awesome gangster-ish kinda clothing. Not sure why Cypress Hill was chosen to play at this celebration, but it made sense. They are also like, gangster-ish.

Unfortunately the show started at 1 pm, and was ridiculously punctual for a band known for their song “Hits From The Bong” … I got there at about 2pm and, missed the show entirely. There were still some people hanging around but I didn’t get to see the band. I don’t know if it was someone’s way of telling me that you’re not supposed to see bands that sing about smoking weed on the high holidays.

I brought my good friend Sparky to the show. Here we are – in front of some awesome piece of art Mike Giant drew on a blank wall with only magic marker the day of the show. He was still completing pieces of it when we arrived. It was pretty amazing! Check it out- all that shit- just a black magic marker. Dayummmmm.

And I also got to put on this cool hat.

I wanted to get a shirt but they were all too big on me.

It’s nice when a whole bunch of creative people collaborate and do something awesome.

I did keep the fast, and I starved myself until 8pm. I broke my fast on a French Dip sandwich – and no, it wasn’t kosher.

But hey, I did it, and that should count for something.


Joanna Angel

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Travis Barker at the Roxy

posted by Punk Porn Princess on July 28, 2011


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This week and this weekend there are all sorts of parties going on in LA because the XGames are here. Lots of handsome skaters have been posting pictures on their Twitter of themselves all sweaty and shirtless after their practice, and quite frankly, it is very exciting.

What? Come on. Let me objectify men, alright? I let you objectify me!

I am not going to the XGames; this weekend, I actuallyam going to my aunt’s 90th birthday party, in Ohio. It will be a lot like the XGames. My 90-year-old aunt is pretty bad ass.

However, last night I did go to an XGames kickoff party that Travis Barker played at. He played drums while Mixmaster Mike DJ’ed. It was awesome to see Travis in such a small and intimate venue. I have not seen him on such a small stage doing anything since the Warped Tour in like, 1998 or something.

The set was pretty awesome; it made me giggle a little bit because him drumming along to the DJ’s set reminded me a little of playing Rock Band or something – however, it was really cool regardless. Travis is obviously a hell of a drummer and it was pretty incredible to watch. It was kind of confusing because I wasn’t sure if I should be dancing to the songs, or watching him play drums, so I kinda switched off and did a little of both.

It was hard to get pictures, but here was the best I could do. Actually, what am I saying. Brian Street Team took these pics! So this was the best HE could do. The ones on my phone were pitch black.

The best thing about The Roxy, is that is it is right next door to the infamous restaurant The Rainbow. And even though Los Angles has pretty shitty pizza in general, the pizza at the Rainbow is pretty damn good. So I did get to indulge in some pizza .

All in all, it was a fun night.

Joanna Angel

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My run in with Travis Barker!

posted by Punk Porn Princess on May 12, 2010


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These next few blog posts will consist of me and famous dudes. As I was importing the photos from my camera onto my computer- I was like, this is odd… there are several famous dudes (not chicks) in this new batch of pictures. By several I mean three. That is a lot for photos taken over the course of 5 days?

Well this past Saturday I had lunch with my good friend Brian Street Team. We went to this Vegan restaurant called Follow your Heart cafe.

Anyways when we sat down we noticed Travis Barker was there. We were both very excited. I was a big blink 182 fan even before they were played on the radio, and then even after they became cheesy I still enjoyed their music. I also have always considered Travis Barker as the best looking guy on the face of the earth ever since I was 14 years old (you are not allowed to think about what I looked like when I was 14, but you are allowed to acknowledge that I was 14 once). Whether you like Blink 182 or not (I am sure a lot of you reading this think that you are way too metal to admit that you like them) there is no doubt that Travis Barker is still an amazing drummer and a talented person all around.

I didn’t want to bother him while he was eating- so I tried using the power of twitter to get his attention. I twittered to him- “yo- @trvsbrkr I am eating at the same restaurant as you are. When you are done eating could I please have a picture with you?” My oh so nice followers helped re-tweet the message for me. Unfortunately he did not answer. He did not seem to check his twitter as obsessively as most people I interact with.

My table was outside – in perfect view of where he was parked. I saw him exit the restaurant and was like… ok whatever fuck this, I’m going to follow him to his car. I tried to do it in the most un-stalkerish way possible, with a very “oh I just happened to be walking this way” sorta vibe to it. I was damn smooth!

I waited around until he was done buckling his kids into the back seat. Then as he was about to step into the drivers seat- I was like “HEY- EXCUSE ME!! CAN I PLEASE GET A PICTURE WITH YOU!!!” He turned around, smiled, and said “sure no problem!” It was actually very polite. Had someone chased me down to my car I don’t know if I would have given them the same respect.

Well here was the outcome of my conquest – Travis Barker & Meeee.

Joanna Angel and Travis Barker

I was going to attempt to photo-shop a red carpet in back of us but I was not exactly dressed appropriately for that kind of prank.

Then I took one of Travis Barker and Brian Street Team.

Travis Barker with Brian Street Team

Yeah. So the moral of the story is, when you chose to not eat carcass for lunch you get rewarded by getting your picture taken with someone attractive and famous.


Joanna Angel

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