Me at the SF tattoo convention!

posted by Punk Porn Princess on March 28, 2011


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Happy Monday!

This weekend started off kinda badly. I went to the gym Friday morning, and brought this shower bag thing that I take EVERYWHERE with me when I travel. It has all the moisturizers I use every day (I need to use a lot, hence my lovely complexion), my toothbrush, some eye pencils, deodorant… etc. The every-day essentials! In any case… I left it in the gym locker room. AHHHHHH! It was such a pain in the ass. I drove back there about two hours later and it was gone. Not in the Lost and Found or anything! What the fuck! Who steals someone’s toothbrush and their eye pencils? GROSS!

So I felt all lost and frazzled. I had to go get all new crap at Walgreens to go to San Francisco with. I felt really disoriented. Maybe it will turn up somehow.

But after all that nonsense, me and Brian Street Team got on the road and drove down (or up, actually) to San Francisco. It was a fun drive. California is a very pretty state.

Here are a few pics from the convention!

Here’s me and Kelly Chaos and Brian Street Team photo-bombing the picture!

Oh this is kinda funny; so I totally forgot the BurningAngel banner that we always hang up in the back of our booth – I left it at home! So here is the BurningAngel banner that Brian Street Team made on the fly! I think it’s a real masterpiece.

Here is me and Kelly Chaos in a photo that was over exposed, but I thought it looked kinda cool.

Here is me and the yogurt I ate in the morning.

Here is Brian Street Team getting a tattoo in his underwear. The tattoo he got was on his arm but, he decided that doing this sans pants would be a good idea.

Here is me and Ruthie “Ruthless” from “LA Ink”. I haven’t actually watched an episode that she has been on but…from what I gather, she and Kat have drama or something. I have no idea. But here she is!

Here is a tattoo I got: it’s a heart that says “Mom” in it – in Hebrew… because my mom is a Hebrew and all. I think it’s the perfect Passover present…don’t you?

I have these tattooed bows on the back of my legs that needed a little bit touching up. It was a good excuse to take my pants off and have BaBa put his head on my butt.

And that was that!


Joanna Angel

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Pics from the LA Tattoo convention

posted by Punk Porn Princess on October 23, 2009


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Here are a few photos from the LA Tattoo convention- about a week late- in true Joanna Angel fashion =)

Here is a girl who is a fan of mine- she is so so so so cute. It is really nice to have cute girl fans! That is rad.

Joanna Angel and hot girl fan

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