2014 – A Few Of My Favorite Things!

posted by Punk Porn Princess on December 31, 2014


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I thought in honor of New Year’s Eve, I’d share a list of 10 things I really liked about 2014!

1. BurningAngel invented “The Sexy Chair” – a chair where we sit on people sexily. See the chair yourself at an Exxxoitca near you!




2. I became a vampire.



3. Started hosting my own radio show on Vivid Radio, called Lewd Screwed and Tattooed.


4. Jesus might be able to turn water into wine – but I can turn zucchini into pasta. I am well on my way! He and I do share a birthday, after all.

5. Met Jenny McCarthy and Donnie Wahlberg when I went on her show. She fingered my fleshlight. So close!



6. I became the host of a BBQ reality TV show (porno).

7. Came out with my official Joanna Angel BDSM toy line with Stockroom. It’s pink and black and awesome.



8. Fish Fooooood, woaaaaaaaahhhhh, fish fooooood. (That time we made a music video for Fish Food, from Bikini Babes Are Shark Bait)

9. My fleshlight turned into a pumpkin and I visited New Orleans for the first time.



10. I got a million new tattoos!




I took my pal “Snakey” out for some fun while I visited Berlin. Yes, my cobra tattoo has a name.


And New York.


Actually — pretty much anywhere I could pull my pants down, on stage and off. =)


It’s been a really great year. You weren’t so bad after all, 2014! Happy New Year, everybody!

Joanna Angel

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Cookin’ With Joanna Angel – ZOODLES!

posted by Punk Porn Princess on June 20, 2014


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Happy Friday, everyone! Here’s a brand new installment of COOKIN’ WITH JOANNA ANGEL straight from my kitchen at Casa de Angel, of course!

I’m guessing not many of you have heard of zoodles – they’re noodles made out of zucchini! I like to use this as a substitute for pasta to help keep me in babe-ly, camera-ready shape – and also, they’re flipping delicious. Now watch my video and learn how to make zoodles like a pro! (I know, I know – and she can cook!)

Gimme, gimme, gimme, gimme, gimme some zoodles! Yum.

Have a spectacular weekend!


Joanna Angel


PS – Get FISH FOOD everywhere on the internet! You don’t wanna be sharkbait, do you!?


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